A work in progress


Hello and welcome back sweet old & old  friends. I cant believe Im about to share this photo with you all. It's the nitty gritty peek into my home right now. A work in progress as I like to call it. I've been so busy with "re-doing" my son's big boy room that EVERYTHING is getting moved around including my work space. EEEEEK!!!! Here it goes! 

Welcome to the dining room. A far cry from the once glamourous froofed room that was once featured. It has now become my temporary "work space".





Yes ladies, this is where I spend majority of my time for now. It's driving me insane how cluttered and unorganized it is, but hopefully by the end of October this room will be PERFECT & PRETTY again. I have a special Aussie friend comming to visit and MAYBE a photo shoot for a FABULOUS magazine that will take place mid November to early December. (wink* wink*) 

I thought I would give you all a sneak peek of my son's room. It's NO WHERE finished, but it will give you an idea of what it looks like. Im now working on window treatments, new ceiling fan, and the FUN part……scouring for all the sweet and unique pieces to decorate his room. The theme is vintage seaside nautical.  




I just LOVE this room! It's huge and is full of natural light!





How SWEET are these vintage books??? Of course I think they are cute to look at but he's is more interested in his Thomas the Train books or anything that has to do with race cars! 


This is just a lookie of what the room looks like so far. It's still a work in progress, but I really LOVE and ADORE how it has turned out so far, and what's even more important Grant loves it! He loves his new comfy bed more than anything! 

Amongst all this busyness I made a little time for a Pre Silver Bella swap hosted by the lovely Miss Karla of Karla's Cottage. What a FABULOUS group of gals to swap with! The ladies were Jessi, Kim,Holly,Heather,Natasha,Analise,Cheryl,Carol,Tiffany,Andrea,Cheryl, and ME! We decided to swap pretty materials to use for our projects and creations. 


I literally felt like it was Christmas morning with this box of gorgeous goodies!



Inside these sweet little packages are the most precious lovelies of ribbon, lace,wallpaper,buttons,millinery,pretty papers,velvet, and yummy bath salts! 




Thank you SO SO much ladies for ALL the fabulous materials! I cant wait to use them in my future projects, and most of all cant WAIT to see you ALL at SILVER BELLA!!!! Im counting the days!!!   

I have a good friend that I want  you to meet. Her name is Suzanne. She is sweet, lovely, and super special to me. I met her about two years ago here in Macon. However, it's really been the past year that we've grown super close. Our little boys are close in age and they love to play together. Here they are giving sweet hugs!


We both are not from Macon and I kinda think that's why we bonded so well. We are from larger cities and she is an artist, painter, photographer,and interior designer. We both met and just kinda "got" each other right away. Suzanne is a stay at home mom, but does Interior design work on the side. She wanted to be at home with her son but still pursue her love of painting and photography and make a little extra money while doing it. So I turned her on to Etsy. With a little help and encouragement she finally opened her shop called Italian Girl in Georgia and has been featured in COUNTLESS treasuries.  I than encouraged her to get a Flickr account AND with lots of persuasion convinced her to create a blog. I would like to share with you a few of my favorite photographs that Suzanne has taken. GORGEOUS and STUNNING work!





This is one of Suzanne's paintings. I LOVE the beautiful fun bright happy colors she uses.

When you get a sec, pop on over and say "Hi, Jenn sent me." πŸ˜‰ I know she would enjoy the visit!

I would like to give a special birthday shout out to someone SUPER SPECIAL to me!!!! Happy Birthday Miss Natasha!!!!

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Enjoy your special day my friend!!!!

Here is a sneaky peek at a large custom order Im working on this week. Cant wait to show you the surprise details. πŸ˜‰


 Does this make you MISS the Cuppy Cake song??? hee! hee! I DO!!!!

Wishing you all a happy, inspiring, and creative week!!!!


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Hi Jenn, i hate to be the one to break this to you but your house still looks GORGEOUS with all your work bits and pieces around. Oh for any part of my house to look that ‘messy’. Love the new room, I love that washed out blue green colour…you know the colour you never know how to describe and sort of go with shabby blue.
How sweet you are to introduce your friend, I shall be off to visit the Italian Girl in Georgia next!! Have a gorgeous day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Its lovely to see that you home sometimes looks like the rest of our homes tend to do! Love what you have done with your wee boys room so far. Your friend Suzannes work is gorgeous, love the bright happy colours!!! Take Care, Rachaelxo

hey there sissy.
aahh his room is darling.
love your creative space.
the cupcakes are going to be fabulous!!!
can’t wait to see ya.

Wow so much eye candy to see this mourning!
a great way to wake up!!!
Your sons room looks wonderful already and your dinning room is stunning despite the work supplies.
Cant wait to see more photos.

Your home is so gorgeous, even with the yummy craft supplies all over! Grant’s room is wonderful. Can’t wait to see the magazine with your home. Will visit your friend. Love the fun colors!

Hey Girlfriend!
I love your Son’s bedroom–it looks like it’s straight out of a magazine–my boys’ bedroom looks like it’s straight out of a garage sale!
I have gotten to know Suzanne too–sweet girl!
Thanks for introducing her to our world!
~Sadie Lou

I don’t miss the cuppy cake song, because we are still listening to it here on my computer. Sugarwings is hooked on it!
Wow, I can’t wait to see that home in person, it is every bit as yummy as your art! I’ll need to come up with some “delicious” adjectives for writing the article.
Isn’t the swap package wonderful??? I was floored by it, we had such great participants!! thanks again for joining.

Gorgeous gorgeous post – love all the pics – love your sons room – want it!!
It is always great to come visit although i have not been too good at it of late – but will return again soon.
best wishes Ginny xxx
I better get over to Natasha’s toute suite!!

Jenn, your son’s room is looking so wonderful!! I looooooooooove the colors you are using!!
And your dining room — that’s what mine WISHES it could look like when I create in there!! πŸ™‚

Hi sweet and fab, Jenn~
I blogged about Angelique and I hate to say but I took a gazillion pics and they all came out sort of blurry. It does not really do her justice at all! When I get a new camera~I will make sure I get a great pic of her.
I am happy to see you have a fun little mess going on in your home~but like everyone else said….even your craft clutter has a way of looking cute. Now, how is that possible!!
Love your little mans room so far πŸ™‚

Oh girl you definitely need to come up here and help me! Grant’s room is fabulous! Your home – even in its “messy” state is so fabulous! Your custom order looks so darling!

Jenn your home is beautiful even with mountains of creative supplies! Leave them there, don’t clear them out on account of me!
Loving Grant’s big boy room, it is gorgeous!!!
Loving Suzanne’s work, I remember when you showed her lovely colourful creations to me, her work is so happy and fresh.
Thanks so much for the cute little birthday smilebox! You are so sweet and thoughtful!!!

Your son’s room is outrageous!!! I just love the painted pieces…yummy!!! He’s a lucky little boy!


Anoter Masterpiece Grants Room is really coming together, and yes a very large room and great light with all those windows. You are going through the same thing I am we are re doing two rooms right now and everything is everywhere… Yikes we are onmy Husbands office first when we get to mine then I will Post progress pictures.
Hugs, Diane

Grants room is so beautiful. Can’t wait to see all the goodies you find for it. (if you want me to make him a different letter plaque using your new colors, just let me know!)
LOL, I love your dining room! My studio looks like that everyday. Sometimes I’m so embarrased when the UPS guy or mailman drops something off. I can just see in their faces an odd stare because it looks like a candy store exploded in my room!
Oh, and your sweet six workshops have been sooo fun! What a treat everyday!!

My Friend, Miss Jenn!
Thank you so much for the great PR, wonderful comments, and to all of your friends for saying such nice things and stopping by my blog to check me out! You are a dear, you know that.
You also know that Grant’s room is looking just right! As a gift to you, I would love to give you a photograph of your choice for that room, or any other in your home!
See you soon.

I am supposed to be on my way to the grocery store and other errands but dropped by a friends blog first and somehow I started blog hopping and landed here. You have one gorgeous blog!! Love your son’s room you are working on. You achieved that perfect seaside color. I hope to be back real soon. Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~ Lynn

That room is gorgeous , you do such a lovely job decorating!!! I think i could use some tips from you πŸ™‚

I love Grants room…I love the natural light you mentioned. How lucky to have such big & full day light streaming into the room. What a difference that makes! Love seeing your crafts-in-action room! Where will you put all that later???? Are you building a studio???

Hi Jennifer…My dear! Your house is STILL gorgeous, even with all those boxes of ribbons and crafty tidbits. Your son’s room is marvelous and the treats from your swap…this was just a fabulous and SATISFYING post! Such beauty! Thank you! πŸ™‚

Your sons room is wonderful. I love the aqua colours and the shabby chic furnitures. Im about to renovate one of our rooms to my eldest boy. And funny it will be nautical but it will look like a captains room. Ive been collecting old furnitures, a chest and a barrel. the colours will be white, grey and dark wood. You recieved a lot of goodies! See ya at sweet six. /linnea-maria

Thanks for tour! Your dinning room still looks pretty and sweet!
~ Hearts ~

Your son’s room is so adorable.
I have to update my 2yr old’s room to his “big boy” room.
We are doing a construction theme because if it is large & in charge he is all over that.
And you want to talk race cars?
Well since Daddy owns a race car, that is all Cheeks talks about!!!
Must be a boy thing!
Tee hee.

The room is what a young boy calls “livin the dream”… Nicely done…. Your storage and work area looks like what we will all be going through when pulling out our Christmas decorations…
I posted a give-a-way on my blog today and thought you may like to stop over.
You’r home will be returning to it’s lovely self again soon… In time for your guest it all will be at it’s finest.


great post Jenn! I love how your dinning room looks right now… thats how my kitchen looks much of the time.. craft supplies all over the place.. but even your mess is neater then my mess!!
your sons room is going to be wonderful.. love the brightness of the room. actually it already looks great, cant wait to see the finished process!
wish I was going to silver bella!! maybe next year!


Your son’s room is just wonderful! In fact, I have been comparing various shades of the same color that you used on his walls for my own walls, but have not been able to decide on one. The shade you used would be perfect for my collectibles for that room so would you be able to tell me the color name, number, and manufacturer of the paint that you used on your dear boy’s walls? Many thank yous for your cheery posts also!
Take care,

You’ve just provided far too many delicious photos… I’m in overload! Love it!

Oh Jenn, Now that is one big CRAFT ROOM. I can just imagine how much it is driving you crazy. My house is small and there are “things” everywhere. Stuff to finish, stuff to package, stuff to find a pretty place for… it makes me nuts.
I just love all the delicious goodies you received from the girls. Doesn’t it just make you squeal. I love just looking at it. I received a couple of boxes myself this week. A beautiful ballerina cupcake from “RoseyPosey” and a gorgeous cupcake box from “My Cherry Heart”. It was so much fun.
Have fun creating, I’m off to do more blogging and visit friends I haven’t seen in a few weeks.
xo Cathy

your home is gorgeous even with all your supplies in the dining room you can see all the beauty..just beautiful,,,hugs, lisa

How did I miss this post??? I love Grant’s new big-boy room. So perfect for him and still so “you.” πŸ™‚ And I can’t WAIT to see the rest of that custom order, Sweets! πŸ˜‰


Hi Jenn!
Your sons room looks fabulous! Very unique!
I love the colors you have chosen. Can’t wait to see it finished. Your kids are adorable!


I love anything you touch! xoxox My love to all Silver Bellas

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