Birthday boy turns 6!



My cutie pie son Grant celebrated his 6th birthday this past week.


He made it very clear to me MANY months ago that he wanted to have a Tumble Bus birthday party.



It's actually a really cute and fun concept. The inside of the RV bus is padded gymnasium. The staff is made up of the liveliest group of gals that have the children sing songs, jump around, and be silly.


Here's a cute photo of Grant and Vivi patiently and excitingly waiting for the party guest to arrive.




The children all had a blast and were full of  happy giggles.



I was grateful for the sun shining because the day before it had rained cats and dogs!




Grant's cake. I did a cute monster theme for the party.




I can't believe he's another year older. Life is flying by me so fast like a blink of an eye.

I want to enjoy and savor my children's precious young years. 




Happy Birthday Grant!!!


Now I switch gears and start planning Vivian's Fancy Nancy party which is in 2 weeks!

Busy! Busy month!


Off I go…planning!


Have a terrific week!!!





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I can not wait to see the Fancy Nancy Party!! I love those books.

Oh my goodness Jenn the kids are growing up so fast!
Grant can’t be 6 already! Naw that would make em older! πŸ™‚
I am glad the weather behaved for the birthday party!
What a fun party bus!
Smiles, Dolly

fun, fun, fun!
Happy late birthday to Grant!
The mama’s and papa’s are going to have to watch their daughters, Grant is a real cutie! lol
Why is your grass and all the neighbour hood grass brown in the winter? Or is it summer for you?

My Niece has had 4 Fancy Nancy parties!! She’s obsessed lol! The Tumble Bus is a crack up. Send it this way, my almost 8 year old would go bananas!
Happy Birthday Grant! xo

Grant sure is cute and so is Vivian. TWO KIDS PARTIES BACK TO BACK..WHEW. Its a magical time in life… enjoy it,it really does fly buy.

what a fun party! I think with 4 children I must have thrown at the very least about 40 birthday partys! We always chose a theme of somesort, circus’s, soccor, barbie pizza party, carnivals, sweet 16’s and craft partys. I wish I could think of them all. Then there were the graduation partys. partys and gifts seem to get more expensive as they get older! YOure a good mom Jenn. I bet Grant had a great time.

Hi Jenn… Happy Birthday to your darling little Grant!… your children are just precious!… it looks like such a fun birthday party for all… I also love, love love the bunny slippers in your previous post!… soooo sweet, how could anyone have ever parted with those?… but lucky for you that they did!… love to you… xoxo Julie Marie

Awww, he is so cute! Doesn’t time just fly? My 1 and only will be 8 in July and I am DYING! I’m already crying thinking about the fact that in 2-1/2 more years she’ll be 10! ugh, double digits!!! Enjoy every second. Fancy Nancy- can’t wait to see!!!

Such cutie pies! Time flies by so much faster than I want it to. My baby boy will become a teenager this summer (Lord help me,lol!) and I can’t belive how fast 13 years have flown by! Sending best birthday wishes to those sweetie pies!

What fun! I’ve never seen one of those buses, but it sure looks like something I’d have a blast in too. What a great idea for a party!
Can’t wait to see the Fancy Nancy pictures.

happy birthday to your little man. They do grow up quickly, far too quickly. My little girl starts school at Easter, and I feel bereft. However, I know she will love it, so I feel happy for her too.
Had a quick catch up with you, those little bunny slippers are just adorable! They must have been treasured by some tiny tots in the past.
Belated I know, but I wish you a very happy 2011

Happy Birthday Grant! Can’t wait to see what you do for the Fancy Nancy party!

Happy Birthday Grant!!!! What a fun idea for a party!
Thought I’d let you know I just did a post & gave you & your event a little plug. I can’t wait to sign up. HUGS!


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