Valentine Birthday Love



Happy Valentines Day my sweet friends and visitors!



Valentines weekend is always a jammed pack festive event for me. My birthday just happens to be two days before Valentines.

So it tends to be one celebration after another. 

Grant, Vivian, and I are all February birthdays.

My poor husband does not get a break! LOL!!! 

We go from Christmas straight to birthdays, and I do NOT let him try and do the birthday/valentine combo. 😉




My husband surprised me with a fabulous Birthday Day gift.

Vintage 1940 Reed & Barton Silver Flatware


For years I've been wanting a beautiful silver flatware set. Not just any set tho'. I wanted a set that was vintage and had a beautiful feminine pattern. Nothing too masculine. 

The pattern name is French Renaissance


My husband connected with an antique dealer, and my Mother joined him in picking it out.

Beautiful! I am thrilled!!! 





My Valentines gift was a pair of the girliest shoes!




This was a surprise! He picked them out all on his own. I guess he knows me pretty well. Good job sweetie!



We have no real special plans for Valentines. Hubby and I decided instead of a romantic dinner for two we would rather include the children in our V-day plans.



I think taking the children out to eat on Valentines might be a bit crazzy. So instead I am going to cook a nice dinner and set the dining room table Valentine festive. The children will get a kick out of Mommy lighting the candles and sitting at the BIG table. 🙂







Remember when we were children back in school, and we would take a Kleenex box and decorate them using construction paper and stickers? Than, on Valentines Day you would walk around to each desk and drop your special valentines into your friends box. Afterwards, you would open ALL the valentines. What fun memories!

These darling V-day cards remind me of when I was a little girl and I collected WALL size posters of these cute snuggly animals.

I bought these for Vivian to sign and give to her friends.




Do YOU have special plans for Valentines Day? Please share!!!!




Happy Valentines Day!

Hugs and Kisses and Valentines wishes to you all!!!!





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