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***WARNING….this post is full of eye catching pretties and oodles of adorable kitsch and caboodles.****


Mr. Pink Elephant had me at Hello. Well…. that's if he could talk. tee! hee! This adorable fella was sitting high up on a dusty shelf located in Omaha, NE. I have such a weakness for old stuffed animals. I wonder who this guy originally belonged to. Did he sleep snuggled up in a childs bed at night? How did he end up at Second Chance antiques? Well, as fate plays out he has a new home and sits sweetly on the top shelf of my happy wall. More to come about the wall. ;)  

My suitcase was FULL of gifts & treasures when comming home from Silver Bella. My roomies and I all greeted each other with "roomie gifts". All so lovely and pretty that I wanted to share. 

I received the prettiest pale pink round satin bag and doll head from Lori. Hmmm…Im seeing a doll clock in the near future soon!


Tiffany gave us all lovely handmade embellished linen print of her photograph of roses.  


Gabrielle made these sweet & sparkly candy cane ornaments. (Yes…one of my Christmas tree's is already decorated. More on that also.)  


I adore Karla's charming cottage creations. This little floral Christmas tree is so sweet!


 After the vendor night Karla had Tiffany sneak this to put on my bed pillow. Karla said this little southern belle reminded her of me. She is one glam belle!


Andrea made us all one of her signature eggs. Soo pretty!


Sherry surprised me with TWO gifts, and we weren't even roomies!!!

Gorgeous pewter Santa moon necklace. 


EEEEK!!!! A darling sugary ice cream train planter. I looove!


Lookie at this adorable kitty kat fella! Kari aka Artsy Mama surprised me at Silver Bella with him. She found him at an Estate sale and thought of me. He too sits on my "Happy Wall".  I adore him Kari!!!


About a week after being home and getting settled I received two unexpected packages at my doorstep. Dont you just love to receive "just because" packages. So fun!!!

The first package is a gift from my dear good friend Holly. I am a BIG fan of Holly's work, and everything she creates is sooo dreamy. This is one of Holly's signature dove creations titled "These Are The Beautiful Days" 


Soooo sweet and romantic!


The millinery is sooo gorgeous!!! Loving the floral pearl picks! Thank you Holly! I love love love it!!!!


My second package was a REAL big surprise being she has already sent me oodles of "thought of you" gifts. Just so you all know… I am SOOOO extremely appreciative!!! Never in a million years did I ever think that I would meet the most amazing women thru blogging. The mind boggling thing is many I've yet to meet in person. However, they are so kind and thoughtful to go out of there way to think of me and send  "just because" gifts. 

This fabulous lady I so graciously speak of is Suze Persechino. She sent a little note saying that she found this at her favorite antique store and it screamed VIVIAN. If you saw my Halloween post you will know what I mean. :) 


 Teee! Heee! She's a braided brown haired little girl planter. Sooooo DARLING! Thank you Suze!!!  I will find a perfect spot for her in Vivi's room. 

Now it's time for me to share some of my shopping spree treasures.  

I stumbled upon this Etsy shop Bean and the Sprout this past summer. Christine is a graduate of SCAD and this is her shop. I fell in love with her handmade fabric rosettes.  I comissioned her to make me this gorgeous ivory roses bib necklace.


 Stunning! Truly stunning work!


I've worn this necklace a few times and have received so many compliments on it. So, I would love to send more biz Christine's way. Please check out her shop and tell her I sent ya!

Another thing that I love to buy and collect are vintage candy tins, as well as birthday confections.


Vintage birthday candle holder.

 Super cute birthday cutouts. Eeek!!!! Look at the pink Ele!!!


Looove the invites & greeting card.



A little June Cleaver Cupcake topper. So fun!


Finally onto the kitsch and caboodle that warms my heart and makes me smile.

While in Omaha Jessi's bus tour shopped at the Brass Armadillio. You should have seen all of us ladies act like we were on a scavenger hunt. All on a mad dash to find the things we love and intrest us most.  There were cases and cases full of cutesy figurines. I had a growing collection sitting on a wall at the check out counter.



These super cutesy figurines now belong to my inspirational happy wall.



This is a corner "nook" of my small studio workspace. I CANT show the rest of my workspace because it looks like a bomb exploded. However, I did take the time to clean and re-organize my wall and supplies so I could make space for my new treasures.


Looking at these shelves full of pastel candy colored figurines, vintage childrens books, baby planters, toys, and endless amount of glitter, vintage papers, and bling is my inspiration and motivation to create. 

Mr Pinky just joined and is a proud new member.



A row of planters and cute squeeker toys. The blue ele is a gift from my Sis Jessi


A precious baby planter and vintage millinery I purchased in Omaha.


Looooooving my kitschy spaghetti figurines.




 Are ya feeling happy yet? 



Im super tickled over my fun Omaha purchases, and Im thankful to the ladies that yelled "Jenn, come quick! Come quick! I found something that looks like you!" πŸ™‚


Thanksgiving is almost upon us and Im looking forward to spending time with my family and reflecting on the things that Im most thankful for. One of the things Im very grateful for is YOU… readers. πŸ™‚

The day after Thanksgiving is when the mad rush begins!!!!! I will be making some Christmas creations for my shop update, AND I will be decorating my home for the upcomming Christmas Candlelight tour of homes that is almot ONE week away!!! Oh did I fail to mention that's in between taking care of my busy children, cleaning, and running errands? tee! hee!

 My Sugar Plum dining room is almost finished! 

My Bundle up Biridie project from Jennifer Murphy's class looks darling displayed in the room.


This is the promo for the tour. If you live nearby or want to make a fun day trip to Macon to attend please do! Our neighborhood has gone to alot of work to make this a beautiful, enjoyable, and successful event.


One last thing….My big Sis Jessi is hosting her 3rd annual cookies exchange which takes place on Dec 3rd. Same day the tour of homes start, but that's ok…I love Jessi and I love cookies so I must squeeze in time to join in on the fun. hee! hee!  There is still time to sign up!!!


Thanks for hanging in there on the SUPER long post! hee! hee!




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Jennifer Grenko

Oh what fun to read your post! I do plan to purchase two tickets to see Stanislaus… let me know the best way to get them from ya! Just can’t wait to see what’s new in your shop too sweetie! A very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours Jenn!! xoxo…

Oh Jenn,
you got some fabulous inspirational goodies and you are sooooo right about the wonderful and generous ladies in blogland.
I wish I lived nearby so i could visit your home during the Holidays.
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.
Cari b.

I’m smiling. You can’t help but smile when faced with so much pink, pretty, nostalgic goodness.
I wish I could visit your neighbourhood, but it’s a teeny bit too far to travel from England! Hopefully you’ll take some piccies to share though?
Have a lovely week, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh Jenn!! That’s almost too much eye candy for one post!! My eyes almost exploded!! Your happy wall makes me happy, too! I love, love, love Mr. Pinky!! He’s the cutest!! You sure got some wonderful goodies from your Silver Bella girlies!! Lucky you!! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!!
Michelle xoxo

Gorgeous eye candy love your post and love love love vivie’s little figurine and of course the little southern belle sooooo adorable.
What a fantastic idea to have a candle light tour – yet again far to far away to join in …. Are all the houses on the tour historic, how old are they? Do people just look at the outside lights or do they actually walk round your entire home or just one room. What about security … am thinking the film home alone ?
Can’t wait to see the pics
best wishes as always Ginny …. yes its me πŸ™‚ way across that cold windy pond … again LOL xx

i wish i could come on the Christmas tour of Stanislaus, I bet your home will be the complete show stopper!!!
Loving all the goodies you found and were given at Silver Bella!!! The pink elephant is so adorable! Your wall is amazing! xo

Jenn, what sweet gifts from your friends…lucky you…i LOVE that adorable pink elephant you found, he really could not be any sweeter!!!

Hey Jennifer! YAY!!! Im so glad you want to attend the tour. If you are in the neighborhood do you want to stop by my house and pick them up? I will be around ALL weekend long decorating!!! Do you have my cell#? Just call when you want to swing by. I can give ya a sneak peek. πŸ˜‰ Have a Happy Thanksgiving! XO

Hi Ginny! So glad you stopped by! Oh our historic is NOT like your historic! LOL!!! More than half of the homes is considered historic. The land on which our homes is built on is very historic. Use to be a collage for Catholic priest in 1876. The college later burned to the ground.
You actually get to tour INSIDE the homes! How fun is that? 12 homes all decorated for Christmas. Oh I will be home to observe and watch everything, and we have volunteers who help host our home and keep a watchful eye. I’ll be showing pics soon! Hugs! XO,Jenn

Come! Come! I miss you girlie!!! :))) XO,Jenn

JENN!! Okay, now that I have picked myself up off the FLOOR, let me try and comment on ALL this CUTENESS!!! I dont even know where to start! This post rocks! I have that same ice cream planter!!!! I am soooo in love with your pink Elephant and so glad he is on your happy wall! Which is so over the top fabulous, I cant even stand it!! I see a familiar planer there too :):) (rocking elephant πŸ™‚ I love everything you received for gifts! What sweet girls!! I so wish I could have been there. I cannot wait to visit Macon and Savannah in April πŸ™‚ I am so excited to see your Christmas decor and what you make for your shoppe!! I also hope you do more clocks soon!!!
Love ya sweet friend!!

There was more than enough pastel goodness in all those photos to get me through the next day and a half of work! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What fabulous goodies! Oh my goodness your “Happy Wall” is AMAZING! Such an adorable cute collection. I just went to a LARGE flea market this weekend and saw all sorts of adorable little trinkets that made me think of you are your cute collection.
Hugs, Happy Thanksgiving!

Jenn, what a happy post! Your little wall in your studio would make any person, at any age feel like they were 7 again! What a wonderful feeling! I don’t know how you manage everything, But, you go, girl! Your project turned out darling too! I am sure it looks perfect in that beautiful dining room of yours!

hey sweets,
eekkk so many sweet things,
i love them all.
im so glad you found so many treasures on the bus tour. they all look amazing.
Happy Turkey Day!

Wow! How did you get it all back! You lucky girl! I love all your treasures! Happy wall indeed! I am dying to see your holiday displays! You are truly the gum drop fairy!

That was the best blog post EVER. I enjoyed every single sweet moment. I couldn’t get enough of the scrumptious eye candy. Just love your Inspirational Wall, AWESOME. You really did a great job making it look so sweet and good enough to eat.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Jennifer Grenko

Ok Miss Jenn. I have your cell and will call you on Saturday morning. I pickup my son in ATL late that afternoon but I would love to come by earlier if it’s ok with you… You have been up very late trying to get it all done haven’t you? Hope you get some needed rest sweetie. xoxo J.

Jenn, that sounds perfect! I’ll be home working like a busy bee on the house. tee! hee! Look forward to seeing ya! XO,Jenn

I always feel happy as soon as I hop in the door, Jenn! LOVE the train planter and Mr. Pinky the best! Your happy shelves are very inspiring! β™₯

OMG!!! This post is really full of sweet kitsches and caboodles.. I don’t even know where to start, because everything is just so pretty… Such a pretty post!!!

WOW!! Such beautiful treasures to behold! The little pink elephant really cleaned up well didn’t she!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and happiness!

super long? maybe.
super cute? YES
a pleasure to read and look at all of the “sweet eye candy!”
especially adore the vintage birthday cards. so sweet.
happy thanksgiving!

Beautiful indeed! Sorry I missed you at SB! See you for sure in April!

sprinkles are my life...

Hi! May I ask where you got those cupcake lights from….I LOOVVE THEM!!

Hi Bryanna, Im SORRY you couldn’t make SB. I am however super excited to see you in April!!! I hope you are getting settled and your precious son is doing better. πŸ˜‰ Hugs! XO,Jenn

Hee! hee! So glad you love them! I aobut died when I saw them. Must have!!! I bought them at Stein Mart. Not sure if you have a Stein Mart where you live, but they had like 10 of these and I snatched them all up so I could gift them. Good luck! I hope you can find them! πŸ™‚ Jenn

I adore all of the sugary goodness.
Please come enter my GIVEAWAY.

Hi, Jenn! I could look at your inspirational wall all day!
I can’t believe how much that girl planter resembles your own little angel!
Thanks for the visit to my blog! I’m glad you like all my vintage cards in my side bar. They make me so happy! β™₯

As usual, you never disappoint! But, I have to say that my fave would have to be the adorable pink elephant. Love, love! XOXO CJ

Wow, Jenn, such pretty things everywhere you turn! I love the way you’ve spruced up that adorable wall of your studio! Can’t wait to see more!
The pink elephant has found it’s perfect home with you. πŸ™‚
Wish I could come by and see you house decorated for the Christmas. I know it will be exceptional!
xo a

Hey Jenn,
I posted a comment last nigiht and wasn’t sure if it went through or not. I just checked and don’t see it. So, I’ll try again!
WIsh I could come see your gorgeous home all decked out for the holidays. At least we’ll all be able to see pictures here on your blog!
ANd that pink elephant has found the best home with you for sure!!Your craft room looks amazing!!
xox a

ok, now I see my previous comment has reappeared. I think I’m losing it!

I love your PINK style and your dining room is to die for. Everything is so wonderful to look at, I love it all.

What an incredible inspiration wall! I could look at it all day. I just loved the pics of your sweet family making cookies. There’s nothing better than baking with your kids around the holidays. Have a great holiday season. Terri

Your site is sweet and lovely.
I was looking for something on Google Images when your elephant caught my eye. My sister, Sue had one exactly like that from about the year 1950. She named it Anty and held it by the trunk everywhere she went.
My sister lost her elephant years ago, and I would love to surprise her with another. She still talks about Anty. There is some emotional stuff that he fixed for her as a child… Would you please look at his tag and see who the maker is, so I can search for another? or would you be willing to part with him?
Warm regards,

Hi Mary,
Thanks for stopping by! WOW! That’s so neat that your sister had an elephant so similar. Unfortunatley, it doesn’t have a tag. πŸ™ He’s my special fella and a diamond in the ruff. I just cant part with him. So sorry! I wish you all the best in finding one similar to him. πŸ™‚ Smiles, Jenn

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