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Hello sweet friends! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday so far. I've been a BUSY BEE decorating my home for our neighborhood Christmas Candlelight tour of homes. It's been ALOT of work getting ready, but I had to take a little break to join in on my Big Sissy's cookie exchange. I told Miss Jessi when I signed up that I DONT bake!!! Im REAL good at buying pre-made cookie dough and sticking it in the oven. LOL!!!

This time two years ago Grant and I made store bought cookies, and he was so excited! Look at this adorable expression on his face.


These cookies could not be any easier. Just lift off the paper and put on the baking tray. Easy peasy. 


This year since I decided to join in on the exchange I had a brillant idea while the children were at pre-school to go ahead and buy sugar cookie dough and use my cute Christmas cookie cutters and bake the cookies. Once the children got home they could have the fun part of adding the frosting and decorating the cookie.

Baking supplies…CHECK!


Christmas cookie cutters…CHECK!!!  


So I roll the dough out on the board and use the cutters to make my cookie shapes. Then…I bake them.

This is how they turned out….


Big giant blobs. What in the heck happened??? LOL!!!! Im really curious to know why they didnt keep their shape? What's the secret?


Well, regardless of the flat pancake looking cookies the kids were so excited to decorate them.


 Vivi wanted pink icing on her cookie. Of course! 😉


A dash of sprinkles! 


Ta-Da! Vivi's pretty pink and green cookie.




Now it's Grant's turn.  He needed a little help from big brother to squeeze out the icing.


Sprinkle time!!!!


Hee! Hee! It looks like Grant is putting so much thought into it.

 Ta-Da!!! Grant's cookie!!!


Ok, so I feel kinda bad that Im not sharing some FABULOUS cookie reciepe while being apart of Jessi's cookie exchange. My cookies for the children are store bought sugar cookies and turned into colorful giant blobs. So much for the idea of making cute snowman and gingerbread man.

(sorry…blurred photo, but cute!) 


However, my children didnt care one bit. They LOVED their cookies and all that mattered was that it tasted good and they had fun decorating them. So I guess there is no stress in me trying to make a perfect cookie. I'll leave that to the experts. 😉

Thanks sweet Jessi for hosting a fun cookie exchange!!! My kiddies are thankful too!

Lastly, if you want to take a sneak peek into my Christmas home take a lookie at this video promoting our Christmas Candlelight tour of homes that begins TONIGHT!!! Im towards the end of the video. 🙂

Christmas shoppe update on Wen Dec 9th!!!!!! Please stop by to see what Christmas Eye Candy goodies I am listing.

P.S. I hope enjoyed the cute cookie song and it didnt annoy you too much! I just thought it was TOO perfect for this post with the children. Now Im going to have this song playing over and over in my head for days!

Have a fabulous holiday gift shopping weekend!!!




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