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Happy Valentines Day my sweet friends and visitors!



Valentines weekend is always a jammed pack festive event for me. My birthday just happens to be two days before Valentines.

So it tends to be one celebration after another. 

Grant, Vivian, and I are all February birthdays.

My poor husband does not get a break! LOL!!! 

We go from Christmas straight to birthdays, and I do NOT let him try and do the birthday/valentine combo. πŸ˜‰




My husband surprised me with a fabulous Birthday Day gift.

Vintage 1940 Reed & Barton Silver Flatware


For years I've been wanting a beautiful silver flatware set. Not just any set tho'. I wanted a set that was vintage and had a beautiful feminine pattern. Nothing too masculine. 

The pattern name is French Renaissance


My husband connected with an antique dealer, and my Mother joined him in picking it out.

Beautiful! I am thrilled!!! 





My Valentines gift was a pair of the girliest shoes!




This was a surprise! He picked them out all on his own. I guess he knows me pretty well. Good job sweetie!



We have no real special plans for Valentines. Hubby and I decided instead of a romantic dinner for two we would rather include the children in our V-day plans.



I think taking the children out to eat on Valentines might be a bit crazzy. So instead I am going to cook a nice dinner and set the dining room table Valentine festive. The children will get a kick out of Mommy lighting the candles and sitting at the BIG table. πŸ™‚







Remember when we were children back in school, and we would take a Kleenex box and decorate them using construction paper and stickers? Than, on Valentines Day you would walk around to each desk and drop your special valentines into your friends box. Afterwards, you would open ALL the valentines. What fun memories!

These darling V-day cards remind me of when I was a little girl and I collected WALL size posters of these cute snuggly animals.

I bought these for Vivian to sign and give to her friends.




Do YOU have special plans for Valentines Day? Please share!!!!




Happy Valentines Day!

Hugs and Kisses and Valentines wishes to you all!!!!





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Happy Birthday Jenn!! Wishing you a year full of sweetness, looks like you’re off to a wonderful start! I attended a Valentine tea party this afternoon at my mom’s and tomorrow we will have a family dinner at home as well :-). Love all of your beautiful gifts and your wonderful digital birthday girl collage! Enjoy your Valentine’s day! xo, Jen

Happy Birthday Sweet Jenn!
Who wouldn’t enjoy a Valentine dinner in the sweetest dining room in the U.S? Beautiful! Now about those shoes……..SO cute!!!! Happy Valentines! love ya, Lori

Happy Happy Birthday Jenn!!! And Happy Valentine’s Day!!! OMG, your silverware set is breathtaking! What a wonderful gift, I bet food even taste better when eating with them! Your husband is just so sweet and thoughtful! And WOW, did he ever do a good job with the shoes!! I want them, lol!! I think including your children in your Valentine’s Day is such a sweet idea. They will love eating in your magical dining room, it looks amazing! I dont think we are doing anything for Valentine’s Day πŸ™ I am making chicken stew for dinner and Dave is working late πŸ™ Not too much romance going on here. Not to mention at 8 months pregnant, I look like a beach ball, lol! I am soooo huge πŸ™
I hope you all have a beautiful day together tomorrow!
Love ya lots,

Hello Jenn,
Happy Birthday wishes you, Grant and Vivian!!!
My goodness but, you have one SWEETHEART of a hubby!!
Your blog always inspires me. You really do live an artistic, romantic life!
Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Happy Birthday Jenn and happy Valentines day. The silverware is so gorgeous, you have a sweet hubby.

Wow-your husband knows how to pick the wonderful gifts for sure! Your plans for dinner with your whole family look great and I love the valentines you picked! Happy birthday

Oh Jenn, you are a lucky girl. Your flateware is sooooooo beautiful. Anything with FRENCH in it is a keeper… and so is your hubby ; )
Randy is cooking for me. Colt will be out with his Valentine, so it’s just me and him oh and all 7 dogs lol
I’m closing down my blog. It’s just causing me grief, but the good news is is that Julie my BFF is coming in for a week this Thursday. Going to show her what a real Eastern winter is all about. Skating, snowmobiling, freezing lol.
Hope your birthday was special Jenn. We also have 3 Feb. birthday’s, one being my mom who just turned 92 and my son Riley who turned 20.
See you soon. I’m still planning to see you in Oct. Can’t wait for the details.
Love You
Love Me

Happy Valentines Day Jenn! Did you know that This day is especially for those who have the sacrament of marriage! I think your husband must know this ! πŸ™‚
I think it is a beautiful plan that you have for today!!!

Happy Birthday young lady! I am so delighted that you got the sterling silver flatware of your dreams. I was blessed to inherit my late mother in-law Willa’s, Wallace Sir Christopher flatware. I have not used it since 1999. I do understand what you mean about the masculine touch as many flatware sets are rather straight-forward and very austere. Use it, enjoy it and let it put a big smile on your lovely face!
Your dear Hubby did a wonderful job in choosing those cuties!! So girly and chic!
Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day

Happy birthday and Valentines Day to you, Jenn! And good for you to keep them separate. My birthday is right by Mother’s Day and my kids have done a great job over the years of keeping them as unique dates. It isn’t easy to do, though! But we deserve it, don’t we!!??
Wow, you have a house full of Aquarians huh? No wonder you all always look so pulled together and attractive. I’ve noticed that about Aquarius. Well, plus you are all just adorable and beautiful anyway!

Happy belated birthday Jenn. LOVING the pink shoes, so so cute!

Such lovely pictures Jenn! I LOVE your new pink girlie shoes. They are so pretty! The silverware is gorgeous too…. very similar to my grandmother’s pattern. Have a wonderful day!

Hi Jenn, oooh Happy Birthday to you, you look so pretty!… and how fun that all three of you have birthdays in February!… I love your silverware, just gorgeous!… and those shoes, oooh la la, I love those too!… how sweet your hubby picked those out all by himself!… I also love that you spent Valentines with your little ones creating memories that will last a lifetime… our Valentines was spent welcoming our new doggie into our home… a little stray no one wanted, but WE do!… and she has stolen our hearts!… xoxo Julie Marie PS How is your new studio coming along?

What a sweet hubs for such thoughtful gifts! August is our month of birthdays in addition to our anniversary. I hope your day was the best ever!!

What a great Valentine’s day you had and those shoes are just perfect. Hubby did good!
I know your family enjoyed the beautiful table and atmosphere. There’s no place you could have gone that would have been more special than what you created.

what wonderful gifts you recieved Jenn. I have my grandmothers silver and I love owning it, but have never used it. it was given to my grandparents as a wedding gift from someone. (cant remember now) but the gift card that came with it is in the box with the silver. its all stored in a box like yours. Youve made me think that I should get it out and at least admire it if not use it!
I hope you all had great birthdays and now can relax a little!

OH Happy Belated Birthday!! What a great time to be born πŸ™‚ I love how you arranged the table for the family!!
Sandy xox

Jenn what a wonderful month February is for your family.So much to celebrate
Your silver flatware is just gorgeous and the shoes…..oh so sweet.
That man of yours is for sure a ‘keeper’ – to pick such special gifts he knows you so well

Fabulous gifts! Lucky girl πŸ™‚

Oh shoot, I missed your birthday…. and I KNEW it was right before me!!! What a GORGEOUS birthday gift (I got a GPS watch for running….not quite so elegant, but much wanted!). The shoes?! Oh my, he does know his sweetie!! I also do NOT let my birthday get combined with Valentines Day and I like my husband to celebrate my birthday from that day through the whole weekend! πŸ™‚
Much love and wishes for a wonderful year!

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