Birthday boy turns 6!



My cutie pie son Grant celebrated his 6th birthday this past week.


He made it very clear to me MANY months ago that he wanted to have a Tumble Bus birthday party.



It's actually a really cute and fun concept. The inside of the RV bus is padded gymnasium. The staff is made up of the liveliest group of gals that have the children sing songs, jump around, and be silly.


Here's a cute photo of Grant and Vivi patiently and excitingly waiting for the party guest to arrive.




The children all had a blast and were full of  happy giggles.



I was grateful for the sun shining because the day before it had rained cats and dogs!




Grant's cake. I did a cute monster theme for the party.




I can't believe he's another year older. Life is flying by me so fast like a blink of an eye.

I want to enjoy and savor my children's precious young years. 




Happy Birthday Grant!!!


Now I switch gears and start planning Vivian's Fancy Nancy party which is in 2 weeks!

Busy! Busy month!


Off I go…planning!


Have a terrific week!!!





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