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Hello sweet and fabulous friends! WOW! I feel like I’ve been away, but I really haven’t. I’ve just been a busy bee working on my swap gifts, that I’ve haven’t made time to blog or LOOK at  blogs for that matter. I MUST catch up!!!! . Im the worlds worst procrastinator! I wait to the last wee second, and than EEK!!! Stress myself out trying to create like a mad women and get it in the mail by deadline. However, I must admit I ALWAYS work better under pressure because Im sooo focused. LOL!!! Ok enough of the rambling mindless chit chat.


On to the FUN STUFF!!!!! The talented Miss Kari aka Artsy Mamma hosted a super sweet and FUN swap titled " Vintage Party Swap". I was SOOO lucky to be partnered up with Miss Heather "Speckled Egg". She has a FABULOUS online shop full of yummy craft supplies, and she is always creating the most precious little treasures and keepsakes so we were both tickled to be paired up with one another. Since we both have small wee ones, we thought it would be PERFECT to each do a VINTAGE BIRTHDAY SWAP!!!!


I LOOOOOOOVE creating whimsy cute treasures. So I had an idea to create a colored filled FUN birthday centerpiece keepsake box.





I hope this colorful whimsy birthday box puts a HUGE smile on Miss Heathers face! 😉

What’s a birthday party without CAKE OR CUPCAKES???? So, I added a box of cake mix, frosting,yummy sprinkles, a vintage Betty Crocker Parties for Children book, and the CUTEST vintage inspired girlie cupcake picks from Rock a Bye Retro. 



All you Mommies know that when you throw a birthday party you MUST have treat bags! No one can go home empty handed. So I made up these sweet girlie treat bags.


Ask any child and they will ALL tell you they LOVE sugary sweet CANDY! I named these "Sugar Bears". I think they turned out sooooooooo stinking CUTE!!!! I MUST remember this for future birthdays. These are honey bottles that I opened and poured out ALL the honey into Mason Jars, and cleaned out the honey bear bottles. I dressed them up with party hats, and stuffed them full of SWEETS!


Behind shot.


Hello! Do I look good enough to eat????


Here is the last shot of everything getting ready to get boxed up and shipped to Miss Heathers home. I hope all these sweet treats will create giggles,squeels and happy smiles with all the children. Enjoy Miss Heather!!!!!!!


Over a week ago I recieved a SURPRISE package at the door. I buy ALL sorts of stuff on the internet all the time. So Im use to boxes arriving daily at my front steps. However this was an unusually large box. I thought to myself "Hmmmm…. did I buy something on Ebay that I forgot about?" Well to my SURPRISE it was a beautiful and EXTREMELY thoughtful gift from a customer of mine named Suze of Junque Drawer Chick . She had purchased one of my Easter bunny creations and was head over heels in love with it. She was so tickled and thrilled with it, and like me is 100% girlie girl, she decided as a token of her appreciation she would create something for Miss Vivi’s room.  You MUST check out Suze’s mosaic work! GORGEOUS!!!!  Lookie at what she created for Miss Vivi’s room!



I was BLOWN away! No one has done anything like this for me just out of random kindness. Let’s put it this way it’s far and few between!  The letter Suze wrote me was full of gratitude, and just warmed my heart and it made me feel so good to know that my work made her smile and happy.

Not only did Vivi get a gift, but Suze and her 3 small boys didn’t want Grant to feel left out, so her darling boys wanted Grant to have their hand me down super hero’s that they no longer play with!Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! HOW SWEET! Suze is trying to teach her boys to be "kind little men". Grant took one look at the bag and super hero’s and he lit up with excitment! Here’s some pics of him playing with the super hero’s.




This face cracks me up! 


Thank you SO SO SO much Suze! You and your boys were so thoughtful to think of us. We truly appreciate it!!!

Ok, the time has come to SHOW OFF my new "DO". LOL!!!! Ok, I did not cut off much of the length, because hubby would have been upset. However, I know have bangs,and my cut is more choppy in the back. Cant really tell from the pics. Im STILL getting use to wearing my hair this way. So far I’ve received great compliments and my hubby loves my new hair style. Says I look  younger with bangs. WHOO-HOO!!


Sorry for the SAME background as all my other pics.It’s getting boring seeing me in front of the shower curtian. LOL!!!!

More playing around hair pics.


PONYTAIL time! Im usually in a ponytail 24/7.


Omigosh! I had NO clue that wearing bangs could be so hard. Apparently there is a technique and special brush that I have to use to dry and style them. I just happened to stop by the salon today to buy more product and my hairdresser saw my hair and bangs,and said "NO!!! Your not doing it right! Your bangs are too curled under! You look like your SIX years old!" LOL! Jeez….  She gave me another "lesson 101" on the right techniques to styling my bangs and getting my hair super straight. AUUGH!!! Oh well! I like the style and it’s growing on me. Hubby likes it and I guess I look 10 years younger so that’s not a bad thing!

Hope each and everyone of you have a FABULOUS & SUPER CREATIVE week/weekend!!!!!!

Hugs & Kisses!!!! XOXO,


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