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Summer is in high gear! The south's current heat wave can prove it! 


Im looking forward to my families 4th of July beach trip to the FL beaches. (FYI…we ARE staying on the gulf side and I refuse to cancel my reservations. We want to support the local business. They need it! BP is huge POOP btw…ok said my two cents!)  

While I am dreaming of white sandy beaches and blue waters (fingers crossed) I  had a darling kitschy cute idea to design and create this adorable t-shirt to wear to the pool or beach.

You know me and bunnies….;)

I've made these t-shirts using Bella high quality super soft 100% cotton shirts.

They wash and wear so well! 

I know you cant read it well from the photo, but the bunny flying the plane banner reads 

"Bunny Beach Bar $1 drinks! Ladies Free!"  (tee! hee!)


I also designed it with a blonde babe as well. 

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Moi modeling the shirt.


If you wanna explore and share your fun side you are more than welcome to purchase this kitschy cute t-shirt or beach bag for your summer hot spots!

They are available in my Etsy shop. 

The beach bag which as a zip pocket inside and a key clip comes in aqua blue and green 


pink and green stripes.


Soooo fun!!! I guarantee you will get smiles toting this beach bag or wearing this shirt. 🙂

On a more personal note….I would like to share with you all that my family and I are going thru scary and difficult time with my step-father Doug right now.

My parents

He has been experiencing memory loss and chest pains as of recent.

He was admitted into the hospital yesterday and today he had a catherterization heart procedure performed. The results showed he has serious blockage in his arteries of the neck and the heart. He is scheduled to have quadruple bypass surgery this Thursday morning. Needless to say my Mom is very worried and well as I. We are trying to stay super strong and have faith that all will go well with his surgery. I ask that you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. They would be MUCH appreciated!!! :)))

Ok!!! NEXT WEEK!!!! 

***Typo below….should be June 25th.***


Hugs & Kisses 






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