Beauty Poodle Pajama Bag Vintage Treasure

Hi Friends!

For those of you that are new to my site and getting to know a little more about me I will happily tell you that

Im a vintage collectable junkie!

I love all things made in “Japan” from the 1950’s.

I collect various things from Napco figurines, baby planters, vintage prom dresses, jewelry, to salt and pepper shakers.

My current favorite rave is 1950’s/1960’s Pajama bags.

Years ago when little girls use to have sleep overs they would unzip the back of their PJ bags and fill them with PJ’s, hair brushes, curlers, etc.

It was a cute little overnight bag they could carry to their girlfriends house.

My girlfriend Shelley Burgess Rogers surprised me with a gift one day.

This ADORABLE super cute poodle PJ bag!

I could not stop giggling when I took my first look at her.

White wild looking poodle hair with two pink curlers, and one glamour eye with super long lashes.

Such a pity she lost her other eye. hee! hee!

This sweet little jewel is a precious reminder of days gone by.

She fills my heart with warm fuzzy childhood memories.

I hopes she fills your heart too!

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