Christmas in the City


Holiday Greetings! This past weekend Hubby and I took a quick weekend getaway to NYC which is truly one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities at Christmas time.

Being it was a short weekend getaway I definitely had my "must see" places that I wanted to visit.

You cant visit New York and not see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.



There were some very brave souls ice skating because it was FREZZING cold!!!


Another must visit place was one of my FAVORITE stores Henri Bendel. The holiday windows were full of glitz and glam!




Another FAB shop that I know must all of us love….


It was THE largest Anthro I have ever stepped foot in. I was very proud of myself and showed much restraint. I only bought a sweater. 😉

It was located next to the famous Radio City Music Hall.


However, I did not show much restraint at this next store. I actually went a bit crazzy. When they totalled the bill I was "EEEK!" surprised.

After I got off the plane, checked into the hotel,  I quickly hopped a cab and went straight to Tinsel Trading Company. Hubby wasn't arriving till late so I had all afternoon and early evening to do what I want.


This is the delightful site of what I walked into. I visited last year with my aussie friend Natasha , and they had just moved in and didnt have NEARLY as much displayed. This was a sweet surprise!





So festive and full of Christmas sugary decor!  




Love this gorgeous blue and green wreath!


Isn't Mr. Snowman adorable?


Wendy Addison's gorgeous collection.




A darling Jennifer Murphy Christmas ornament.



Than there is the rows and rows of the most gorgeous stunning trim! You definitely dont find this stuff at Michaels and Joanns. tee! hee!



Millinery that will leave you speechless and wanting them all!



So while I am in a state of "La~La" looking around, and taking photos a lady approaches me and looks at me a bit strangly as if she is trying to figure out who I am and if she's ever seen me before. She than ask me if my name is Jenn of Eye Candy Creations. OMG!!! I about fell out! What are the chances of someone recognizing me from my blog while in NYC ? This super kind gal that so sweetly approaced me is Jen Bowles of Jen Bowles Design.


Once she told me her name I immediately made the connection and knew who she was. We are flickr friends and I am very fond of her work. She makes the most darling banners! Jen was in NYC celebrating her birthday with her adorable fiesty Mom Ginny.  After we chatted for what seemed like 30 minutes Jen & her Mom invited me to dinner near Rockefeller Center. Since hubby wasn't getting in till late I said "Sure! Why not!" Awesome decision!!! We had the best time! We  dined at a cozy french restaurant, and had wonderful dinner conversation over a yummy meal and wine.

Me and Jen's Mom Ginny after dinner standing out in the cold waiting for a cab.

Ginny & Jenn 

This to me was another fun serendipitious moment! What a small small world it is!!!

 Later that night when hubby arrived at the hotel the first thing out of my mouth was "Honey….you will never believe this!!!". hee! hee! 

One of THE major highlights of the trip was meeting up with my BFF that I have known since middle school. Kristie lives in Dallas with her family, and so we rarely get to see one another except for an occasional "girls trip". She and her husband were in town with another couple and it just so happend to be on the same weekend we were visiting.

 The night started with a fabulous Italian dinner, and we than later went back to the Soho Grand hotel where they were staying. 

Weeeeee….fun girlie shots! (yes….that's my hubby peeking over us! LOL!)


It was a fantastic weekend in NYC! I did a little Christmas shopping, siteseeing, and now I am 100% in the holiday spirit!

This is a little something fun I created for you to see and giggle over. My chidren have insisted I play it over and over! 

Make sure to turn UP your speakers! 🙂

Countdown is on to Christmas! EEEEK!!! Christmas cards needs to be mail and more shopping to be done!

Joyful Holiday spirits to you all!!!






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