Eye Candy Christmas Shoppe Update


Holiday Greetings! This is one of my FAVORITE times of year in which I get to create sugary Christmas whimsies and holiday goodies. It's the time of year we pull out the ornaments, trim the tree in sparkling festive lights, and display our cherished Christmas decorations.  

Unfortunately, this big Elf was so busy decorating my home for Christmas that I  wasn't able to create as much as I had hoped for. Nonetheless,  I do have some fun and festive goodies now available in my Etsy Shoppe. 

***SPECIAL NOTE!!!! I hate to go a bit sour with this post, but it has been brought to my attention that someone is copying my work and selling it on Etsy. I work so hard to come up with creative and imaginative original ideas and it is so disheartening to know that someone else is out there creating my pieces identically and trying to make a profit off of my ideas.  All original artwork are protected under copyright. I ask that you PLEASE respect that. **** 

This first darling whimsy piece is a Christmas Snowglobe Ornament called "Sugar & Spice" and is full of the yummiest bits and bops! 


The inside globe is full of CUTENESS!


Small whimsical treasures and bright bling!



Bunnies,Gnomes, & Sugary gumballs



An adorable little Christmas Fairy adornes the ornament.



You can display it on your Christmas tree, or hang it on a door for your children to shake and "ooh & aah" at all the goodies inside.   


I received such wonderful feedback on my Pink Santa ornaments so I made a few more Santa's that say "Merry Pinkmas".


He's so jolly and cute with his rosey cheeks and red ruby lips!



There are several of these fella's available now.


This next piece is a gumball assemblage that is titled "Angel Sweets". It is a working functional vintage gumball machine that is adorned with one of my signature bunnies dressed as an angel.  


When your children are acting and behaving like little angels you can reward them with a "Angel Sweets" treat.



I've adorned the top of her head with vintage Coro earrings in the most beautiful pale shade of lavender. Little tiny flowers with crystals in each one, and petals that looks more like snowflakes to me.



This Christmas I've been able to create one BIG gumball assemblage. I adore and love everything about this happy piece. It's titled "North Pole Winterland". It has all your friends you would see at the North Pole.


This cute vintage snowman is in perfect condition and lights up nice and bright. All you have to do is plug him in. (I played around with the photo and added a frosty halo around him.) 





Pink Santa, reindeers, and wee little elf all are nestled inside.






The bells are vintage Wilson cake decorating bells that were already "sugared", but I opted to add a wee bit more for extra sparkle.  


The mouth of the gumball machine I turned it into a snowy Candy Cane Sleigh Ride. Mr. Elf is having a ball!


This darling piece is full of details and guaranteed to bring happy joyous smiles!


Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a peek at my Christmas creations. I love what I do more than ANYTHING, and I try my best to reflect that in my work. I am extremely appreciative of the loyal support and kind compliments that you ALL so lovingly bless me with. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Now, hubby and I are bundling up, packing our suitcases and headed to NYC for a fun getaway weekend! There is no place more spectacular than Christmas in NYC!  

Happy Holidays sweet friends!!!!


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