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Hello friends! Im SO excited to share some big news with you all!!! I’ve been planning something since after my return from Silver Bella last Novemeber. I’ve had the incredible opportunity for the past two years now to meet so many amazing talented women that have truly touch my life in a big big way. It’s incredible how the power of an art event can bring like-minded women together with whom you bond and grow very close to. When I returned from Silver Bella I thought to myself  why dont I host an art event here in the deep south just on a very small small scale! There are so many art events out there but the majority are on the West Coast and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to finally host an art event in the beautiful South.  When I originally planned this I wanted to keep it very small intimate group of friends gathered here at my home.  Well, over time as the planning has evolved and I’ve grown more and more excited over the details of the event, the wonderful projects and all the extra hard work that I am putting into making this an over the top beautiful event I decided it was too good not to “open up” and share with more ladies that would love to come play and be creative, while enjoying each other’s company and friendship. 

So, I would love to invite you to….  


I have created a special blog just for this event. Please visit En Le Jardin for all the details. 

I have very limited seating for the event. Sign up is a first come basis. I only have limited availablity for the whole weekend. Which is a non refundable $200 registration fee. If you would like to attend just for the workshop day it is a $150 non refundable fee. To sign up please email me at twinkleshabbystar@yahoo.com 

This event has literally become my “baby”.  I planted the seed, added some soil and water and now Im watching it grow and come to life!

Please…join me in my garden. 




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