Magic Is In The Air…..






With my fairy wand in hand I've been flitting around busily finishing last minute details and finalizing preparations for Once Upon A Dream Art Event which is ONE short week away!

I am SO incredibly excited! It's been a year in the planning and finally it's all coming to life now. 





Much like Natalie Portman in The Black Swan movie. Her character slowly morphed into a swan.




I feel like any day now I'll be sprouting gossamer wings and leaving a trail of fairy dust when I walk. hee! hee!



Even my home is transforming into a mystical haven. Inside and out.


What's surprising is my backyard is sprouting mushrooms in the oddest circle pattern  I've never seen before, and ONLY in this area.




I was honestly surprised to look out my window to see this.



Hmmm….let me think. Where have I seen this before????


Oh yes!








A fairy ring on a suburban lawn via Wikipedia.




Wikipedia definition -A fairy ring, also known as fairy circleelf circleelf ring [1] or pixie ring, is a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms.


Fairy Rings
The fairy ring is also known as a fairy circle, elf circle, pixie circle, and so on and so forth. It is a naturally occurring ring of either mushrooms, darker green grass, or dead grass and can grow to be over ten meters in diameter. A fairy ring is typically a gateway into the realm of the fairies, or a gathering place where they dance and celebrate. 




Eeeek! How cool is that? Seriously? In my own backyard! 


Hmmm…maybe there is a sense of magic floating about, and wee fairies are gravitating to my humble abode while making my backyard their playground.






These giant mushrooms make great resting spots for their little tired heads.






Like the story of the Pied Piper and his mice that followed, Im thinking these fairies might just follow me to the mountains of Asheville. 😉


Amidst all of the things I've been creating for the event I thought I would share one of the pretty handmade decorations I created to hang inside the barn.


Lace Woodland Fairy Wings













The decor colors for the event are in soft shades of ivory, whites and creams. As well as silver and gold for that magical sparkle and touch!

I think the wings are going to fit in perfectly! 


Fairywings8 copy




Well my friends….. if I want this workshop event to have a happy fairytale ending I best get back to work.


Too bad I can't swirl a magic wand and make it all *poof* be finished!


Wishing you all a fabulous, inspiring, and creative week sweet friends!





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