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During these past few weeks while I've been super busy planning, organizing, glueing and glittering for my upcoming October event a wonderful little opportunity came knocking on my door.  

This opportunity totally took me by surprise!!!!

I've known about this project for the past few weeks, and have been cautious not to say a word.

I don't like to count my chickens before they are hatched.


However, I've been granted permission to share this exciting project with you all. 


I will be playing a small lead character in an upcoming short independent film titled

"The Razzle"

This independent film is a true story based on the life of Producer/Director Joseph Guay.




I've known Joseph and his sister Kathy for a few years thru my good friend 

Terrell Sandefur who is a PR, marketing, and event planner of The SoChi Companies

Both Terrell and Joey contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would please play the role of an early 1970's Housewife and Mother. 


I was extremely flattered and honored to have been asked and so of course I said "Yes!"


Joseph's company Coso Films is a finalist for the Gateway Macon short film competition, and was granted money to go towards production of the film.

The film will be shot in Macon to help promote Macon, Georgia’s creative edge, uncommon spaces and unique opportunities.


This is a brief synopsis of the film which is based on Josephs true life story.


“The Razzle” is a true story about 3 generations of Street Gamblers
with an illegal game, made up of only 8 marbles and a wood box, that generated millions of dollars for street grifters and gambling agents from 1952 until today.


Joseph Guay is an Atlanta-based artist and photographer. His large format photography has also been featured in the The American Music Awards, Bravo Television Network and the Farrelly Brothers’ feature Film Hall Pass with Owen Wilson. He has photographed Elton John & Leon Russell for Rolling Stone Magazine, art directed and photographed the rock band Collective Soul’s 8th studio album and has been the assistant-curator of the Sir Elton John Photography Collection for the last three years. 



I will be playing his Mother who is a 70's trophy wife, and get to wears groovy 70's attire, big winged back hair, blue eye shadow, and frosty lips.




I will be shooting my scenes this coming Monday and Tuesday. 

Im nervous and excited at the same time. 


The red carpet premier will take place this November at the The Grand Opera House

and afterwards the film will be shown at Independent Film Festivals nationwide.


Joseph has big goals and dreams for this film and I am so honored to be a part of it.


Thank you Joseph!

         (Photo credit for my hollywood glamour girl photo was taken by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon)


Wish me luck everyone! 

 Enjoy this classic movie scene.




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