Vintage Splurge



A few weeks ago I couldn't resist my temptation.

Like most women I love to shop and collect.  I've worked really hard trying to tame the inner impulsive shopper in me, and realizing when it's a want and not a need.

I guess with the way the economy is now days it has me rethinking my spending habits a bit more. Obviously for the good!



I was surfing Ebay and I stumbled upon the most breathtaking women's vintage hat.

It's one of those times when you get SO excited and it's a true must have purchase.

Some of you might be reading this thinking, what?  A hat?

 Yes… a hat.


I've always loved vintage millinery hats, however Im not a huge collector of them. I own a few that I display in home, but that's about it. Unlike my friend Karla Nathan who has a large cabinet busting full of vintage hats. It's an overwhelming site! Lol! I think she holds the record for owning the most hats.


I myself only have a select few that I cherish, and this pink ruffled beauty HAD to be mine!



I was anxious bidding on it because I wanted to win so bad.

To my great luck I won and got it at a reasonable deal.


When I opened the package and saw it for the first time, I immediately fluffed the matted down ruffles. After I perked them back up and stared and admired my new beautiful purchase It quickly dawned on me how it closely resembled a pink girlie cake.

Call me crazzy who thinks of this stuff right? However, it really looks like it could be a bridal shower or wedding cake.  


See what I mean?






Ruffles = Icing = Dreamy & Delicious!



I now call it my pink cake hat.


It's worth every bite…I mean penny. 😉


Have you splurged on anything recently?


Do share! 




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