Magical Disney Birthday

February in our family is a VERY busy month! Grant, Vivian, and I all share birthday's that are a week apart from one another. So after one week of cake, ice cream and opening presents, it's time to celebrate another, and than another. It's officially a month of Happy Birthday celebrations, and when my husband's wallet takes a  hurtin'. LOL!!!!

For Vivian's birthday this year we decided to take her to Disney to celebrate her 3rd birthday.

Here's a few photos I would love to share of our time at Disney.

My Step-Mom lives outside of Orlando so we were thrilled that she could join us for the day. (not the most flattering photo of Vivi. She's looking a bit un-lady like. lol!!!)


Of course it wouldn't be a magical visit if we didn't get to meet the Disney Princesses. 

Vivi and Cinderella.


DSCN5448-2 copy

Vivi and Belle.  


Vivi and Aurora. 

It truly was sweet to see Vivian so so excited to meet and chat with all the Princesses. 

Grant and Vivian having their faces painted.


DSCN5479-1 Grant was a Superhero.   


Vivian a Princess Kitty.

She LOOOOOVED her new look!!!!


The children with Pluto and Goofy while visiting Animal Kingdom.  

We had a great time, but I can honestly say I think my children had just as much fun staying at the hotel. Staying in a hotel is always fun and exciting for them. A new place to explore and check out. In the hotel room they  played hide-n-seek and jumped on the beds. In the lobby they would run to see who's fastest at pushing the elevator buttons. 

It was a short but super fun trip and an experience I hope the children will always remember!

When we got home we had a wonderful gift package waiting for us.

A cartoon of Vivian the fairy. This BEAUTIFUL and darling piece was hand drawn and painted by the super talented Karla Nathan.


How SWEET is this??? Little Fairy Vivian holding her glittery wand and bunny rabbit.

When Vivian and I opened the gift  she smiled real big and exclaimed "Mommy it's me!!!!"


So proud of her new painting. Thank you SOOOO much Karla!!! You did an AMAZING job!!!! We will ALWAYS cherish it!!!  


Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you all a happy and magical week!!!!


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