Moving In!!!!



After long months of patiently waiting I am ecstatic to be officially moving into my studio space TODAY!

Movers will be at my home bright and early to start moving furniture and boxes.



This gorgeous historic home will be like my second little home where I can play, dream and create. 


Just like my children have a big playroom…this little slice of heaven will be mine.




Walls are painted and floors refinished.










My little munchkins were giddy to be hanging out at Mom's new place. It's cool, new, and exciting!

Vivi twirled and danced around the empty space.



Grant however was too busy playing Angry Birds and refused to watch his little sister.




I did some last minute tidying up and hanging the last set of crystals on the chandelier.

To my surprise when my children saw me with Windex and paper towels cleaning the windows they both eagerly wanted to help me clean.

I gave them each a paper towel and they both got busy.

 It was really cute to watch.




You can tell from their faces they cracked no smiles and took the job seriously!







Sometimes it meant standing on tippy toes and jumping in the air to get the high spots. hee! hee!

(notice Grant is in midair.)


The room is like a blank canvas and waiting to breathe life with color, materials, fabrics, and pictures.

I've accumulated tons of craft supplies, art, collectables, and gifts.  There is several boxes to be unpacked. So with that being said, I've decided Im going to take my time and not rush the process. I want to enjoy setting everything up in it's right place, and for once becoming super organized.

Im still pinching myself that I lucked out finding the perfect space to call my own.  A place to be creatively inspired and a  place at the end of the day I can turn off the lights, shut the door, and leave the glittery chaotic mess behind. 🙂


Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to move I go!


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