My new “old” Flea Market goodies.

Im soooo super excited to have finally had a chance to go browsing thru a Flea Market again. After being super busy with my newborn daughter, and toddler son I’ve had zero time to indulge in a pasttime hobby. With money in my wallet I was on a mission!  While on a recent trip to visit my parents in Pensacola, FL I stopped by one of my favorite Flea Markets and found a few special treasures and keepsakes. This first piece is a Hull kitten planter. I have a small collection of kitty salt and pepper shakers in my kitchen, and thought this piece was too darling and needed to come home with me. Img_3433_edited1_3     My next fabulous find was this GORGEOUS vintage white feather fan. When my eye’s spotted it, I knew without a doubt, that too was comming home! I have a small collection of fans that I have paid a hefty prices for, but this beauty was a BARGAIN! Img_3430_edited1 Out of all the looking I did, I only purchased these two sweet treasures. I had intentions of buying alot more, but nothing else "sparked" my fancy, and I was sooo tickled with my two rare finds that I was quite content. My wallet was happy also!

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