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Hello Sweet friends! Glad you stopped by! Welcome to my busy crazzy world of reorganizing, cleaning out, and redecorating!!! Im trying desperately this summer to gid rid of old boxes of "stuff" I know longer use that continues to collect dust. My basement is piled high of old toys, knick knacks, linens, pictures, and clothes. I figured it was high time I bite the bullet and have a garage sale. Im in the process of redecorating my son's room into a "big boy" room, so I have to make room and space for the new goodies.

Here is a peek into what my Porte Cache aka carport looked like this past Saturday.


Old quilts, chandelier, mirrors, knick knacks, pillows, and that's just the nice stuff. I am NOT going to show or bore you with the "guy" stuff hubby thru out. 🙂





While I was busy selling to the "early birds" that arrived an HOUR early. My son was brite eyed bushy tailed busy selling his Grandma's home grown tomatoes. We set him up a little tomatoe stand and he sold out in less than 30 minutes. How could you NOT buy from such a sweet face???? 🙂


The garage sale was a�big success! Got�rid of alot, have more room and space in the house,�and made some great pocket change.

So while Im making money, I've been spending some too! hee! hee! I just have to share with you some of my recent splurges.

I am such a BIG FAN &�LOVE Melissa's charm bracelets�of Charm School Jewels.� I first met Melissa at Silver Bella 2007�when I purchased my first bracelet from her.�It was a Christmas bracelet and�I�wore it all throughout the holidays.�She just recentley updated her shop and this is my new gift to "me". It's called "Cupcakes and Paris".


Her bracelets�themes are sooo much FUN! I did have one teeny tiny oops that I have to laugh about. I was wearing it while in the kitchen�one day and my son Grant wanted a snack. So I reached up to the cabinet, and I accidentally hit�my wrist�real hard on the above cabinet and broke the small vile of blue glitter.�The glitter fell right on top of Grants head. His hair was covered in blue glitter. He and I both thought it was funny! Melissa was so sweet to send me a new�one in replace. 🙂

Im sure you can tell that I LOVE jewelry. My next piece, I had to have IMMEDIATELY when I first laid eyes on it. The amainzgly talented Beth Quinn�designed and created this piece. She too was at Silver Bella 2007 and her vendor table was a HUGE hit!!!


She can check out her shop here.�

Im a HUUUUUUGE Betsey Johnson fan! I love to wear her sweaters, dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc. This is my most fun and recent purchase. A CANDY handbag!!!!!!!�It's not real big, but it's fun for a day outing to just�throw in my lipstick, compact, and car keys. Ok……who am I fooling??? It's crammed to the MAX!!!! hee! hee!


More�BJ splurges.�Jewelry. These are super cute and fun to wear.


Just the other day I received a lovely package from my dear sweet friend Jenn and her daughter Jacqui. Many of you know them and they go by the name The Bowerbirds Nest. They've taken a little "hiatus" from blogging, but you will see them around soon!

Jenn is so thoughtful and giving and being we've become close friends she has surprised me with some lovely goodies.



Yummy Marshmallow lipgloss. 🙂


This last gift means the WORLD to me!!!! Jenn has owned this doll that she named "Lucinda" ever since she was a little girl. Im not going to tell you how long that is, because�I dont think Jenn would appreciate me revealing her age. hee! hee! Anyhoo, Jenn and Jacqui are huge fans of the broadway play " Pricilla Queen of the Desert". I have yet to�she show, but�I saw the movie years ago. Jenn�sent me a copy of the�soundtrack from the show. All disco era music! Really fun! The performers are ALL "glam'd"�in the most exuberant costumes. Im paying homage to the musical show�Jenn decided to decorate Miss Lucinda as one of the "QUEENS". I was�tickled beyond words!!! Just the mere fact that�Jenn has had this doll since she was a little girl and wanted me to have her now�means MORE than she will ever know!!!!�

Meet Lucinda. I LOVE her little black glamour mole.�


Even her little finger nails are painted red! hee! hee! Jenn, I LOVE and adore her and she will be well loved and cherished!!!! XO

Thanks for stopping by and paying a visit. Next week I will be UPDATING my shop again with a few new little goodies. 🙂

Have a fun, fabulous and creative week!�


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