Oooohhhh Im in love!!!!!

Happy Monday my sweet blogging friends. I’ve had a nice weekend at home spending time with my family, and working on a new custom shadowbox for my friend Rosanna from Italy. I should hopfully have it finished by the end of the week, and will post pictures soon. 🙂

First, I thought you might get a chuckle out of this. My husband comes home Friday with this huge box from Toys R Us. Being it’s sooo hot here in GA, and we dont have a swimming pool, my hubby decides we need  something fun for our two year old to play with outside. Of course I was very curious to know what it was because he did not consult with me on this puchase. Well, low and behold it’s a monster obnoxious blow up slide that takes up most of our backyard. LOL! JK! I am exaggerating a wee bit. 😉 BUT still, the thing is HUGE!!!! Well……hours later and with tons of smiles and giggles my son is having the best time!!!! I must admit, as obnxious as the size is and I KNOW myself I would have NEVER had purchased it because of the size alone, I have to say it’s well worth every penny to see my son scream with joy and laughter going up and down the slide over and over again…..:)





Ok……NOW! Back to crafting, pretties, and yummy creations!!! I am in LOOOOOVVVEEEE with my sweet friend Cheryl from Rosey Posey Confections newest creations. I just HAVE to show it off!!! You must skip over to her blog and read more about it.  We all know there is nothing MORE SWEETER or PRECIOUS than babies. Right? Well, check out this collection of Vintage baby keepsake items. My heart melted when I first laid eyes on her "to die for" sweet keepsake treasures. She has made a keepsake box with the most precious baby vintage images, and has adorned it and filled it with ALL the sentimental treasures! Next, she made a little traveler suitcase. Omigoodness!! It ooozzess sweetness!  Lastly, Cheryl is working on completing a  "She’s my doll" fabric book. It has embroidery, vintage images printed on fabric, ephemera, beautiful fabric and more! She will be listing it on her ebay site later this week. These truly would make the most fabulous baby shower gift (you would be the talk of the party!) , or keepsakes for your own precious lamb to have. They are soooo beautiful, unique and one of a kind! Here are a few pics to wet your whistle. Skip on over to her site and say "Hi". 🙂







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