Hello Blogger girlfriends! This is going to be a quicky but GOODIE! It’s almost midnight, and the kiddies get up VERY early! I just couldn’t stand it! I had to post about my most recent vintage finds from todays little shopping adventure. There is a FABULOUS antique mall close by that I haven’t visited in years. OMIGOSH! I was overwhelmed! They’ve expanded = MORE STUFF! WHOO-HOO!!! Well, on a whim, I decided to stop by and see what sweet little figurines needed a dusting off, and a new place to call home. Let me show and tell you. Get comfy!!!!! 🙂

Ok…..Im slowly building up a BIG collection of planters. Where Im going to put them all is beyond me. They are just too adorable, and I had to have him. hee! hee! How precious is this puppy?


Next picture is a set of all pretties. I fell in love with the knit pink booties (will use for future project), the porcelain bootie with roses, the vase with the children holding each other, a german china platter with roses, and my favorite is the swwwwweeeet little girl figure. I got her dirt cheap too! The dealer had 50% off. WHOO-HOO! 



Here we go again………MORE planters!!!! I could NOT resist! Seriously, I dont know where Im going to put them all. LOL!!!!


Last but not least. How precious is this BOY and GIRL chalkware statue figures? Ohhhhh I just LOOOOVVVVEEEE them both! Their paint is a little chipped, but who cares! We love it that way!!!! 🙂


Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my treasures. Off to bed now! 5 hours till wee one wakes! YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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