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Design team


I have some super exciting news!!!

I have been asked by beautiful pinky doll face Jenny and her sweetie pie Aaron to be one of design team members for their newest Everyday is a Holiday project!




First, before I get to the GOOD stuff and all the yummy details of the project. I would love to share a little history of how I discovered Jenny and Aaron.


I discovered Jenny and Aaron over four years ago when purchasing some of their original cupcake artwork for my daughter's nursery. I LOVE their whimsical pastel designs! I sent Jenny photos of their artwork hanging in Vivian's nursery and shortly thereafter, Jenny posted the photos on her blog.


What the heck is a BLOG???  

I totally had NO clue what a blog was until Jenny shared my nursery photos on her blog.

Looong story short….after many convo's later, Jenny persuaded and inspired me to start my own blog. 🙂

A year later, I had the incredible opportunity of meeting and taking Jenny and Aaron's class at my first Silver Bella event.

Than, last year while vacationing at the Jersey Shore with my husband and our friends we hooked up with them for a fabulous dinner. It was a real special treat to get to know Jenny and Aaron on a more personal level and in their very own hometown!!!

Over the summer, I than asked special permission if I could use their yummy designs for a table and chair set I was re-doing for Vivian's room.

It turned out TDF sweet!!!



Fast forward now to a week ago. Sweet Jenny asked me if I would be interested in being one of six design team members for a new special project.

Absolutely 100% YES!!!

Like many of you I am a super huge fan of their work! So to be asked to be included in their newest project really is a huge honor for me.

They make the most incredible kits in which Im sure many of you have seen or used before.

These are a few examples. 





Well Jenny and Aaron are now making INSPIRATIONAL KITS! 

I will get to create my own pieces of artwork using their design elements. IE: papers, images,patterns, etc will be used as a medium in my piece.

I'll have 6 kits over the year and each will have it's own theme. Once my kit arrives I get to play and use their mediums to incorporate into my own piece of assemblage work.

 LOVE this idea!!! 

As crafters and artist we like to put our own "creative twist" on our projects. If you take a class you rarely see two projects look alike or even the instructors for that matter.

 That's what makes it fun! 

Hence Jenny and Aaron have asked six of us to each make something unique and original using their fabulous designs and inspirational kit.

The other amazing design team members are:

Natalea Kandefer

Mary Holcomb

Kari Ramstrom

Chelsea Ling

Elizabeth Andrus


My first kits should be arriving soon! So I'll share with you how the first kit turns out! 

So excited! Can't wait!

Thank you Jenny and Aaron!!!


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