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Happy Hump day sweet friends! YEP! As of tomorrow I will be Queen of the Road! Im am off to LA to attend Kim Caldwell's Artisic Affair L'Automne. I am sooo excited! Everyone RAVES about Kim's events, and I just know I am going to feel so special and pampered at her event. Im excited to create new pretties, learn new techniques, and meet new faces & be reconnected with good friends. 


How DARLING is this t-shirt???? My longtime BFF Kristie gave me this shirt for my birthday! I about DIED when I opened the package. Soo cute!


Another Queen of the Road is my big sis Jessi! She is my bunking roomate for the weekend. She and I are ready to HIT THE ROAD and have fun quality girl time together. 


If you want to know where to find this t-shirt and many more cute, and cool stuff you can find it here. I was browsing the shop website and stumbled upon these NEVER HAVE SEEN BEFORE Pettipants! OMG!!!! How adorable are these??? Dont have the slightest idea of where to wear them, or what with, but they are FABULOUS in my opinion. Sooo Little Bo Peep looking! I honestly think you have to be super tall and stick thin to pull these off. hee! hee!  I personally dont want extra ruffle hugging and making my thighs look larger. However, If they have them in Vivi's size than I would definitely buy them for her to wear. 😉   


I've packed my bags and Im toting my "MUST HAVE" necessities.

Sony has just come out with a mini Vaio notebook , and it's comes in my favorite color….PINK! This only weighs 2 lbs and fits perfectly in my carry on. While Im sitting and waiting at the airport or downtime in my hotel room I can easily browse the internet and read your blogs. :)  



My next splurge that is a must pack is my thermal socks. I tend to get cold feet at night when in bed and these socks are HEAVEN on your little piggies!!! I found these at Stein Mart. LOOOVE that place!!!



I FINALLY found a copy of this magazine that I've been dying to get my hands on. Perfect to read during the plane ride.


Last item to pack that is a MUST take to LA is my Tim Burton Halloween swap ornaments.  I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan. My favorite movies of his is Edward Scissorhands & The Nightmare Before Christmas. When I read that there was a swap for making Tim Burton theme Halloween ornament I just HAD to sign up!

Let me introduce you to…..Little Timmy Terror.

This is the labels I made and printed to go on the swap bags. hee! hee! 


(click image below to enlarge)


Tim Burton style is a bit Victorian Gothic and of course all his characters are a bit whimsical in personality. So this is what I came up with for my swap ornament.   


Timmy is looking for a family to adopt him. He promises he'll be a good boy!!!! 😉


Cant wait to give these out to all the swap participants and Im equally excited to receieve my Halloween ornaments from the ladies. I just know they are all going to be FABULOUS!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week! I will have LOTS to share with you when I return! 

Hugs & Kisses! XOXO,

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