Show and Tell Sunday

***UPDATE!!!!! I've had several emails asking what the china pattern name is of my everyday china. It is Homer Laughlin Eggshell Georgian Chateau.****

Hello my super sweet friends! Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. I feel like I've been on a mini vacation from my blog. I've been sooo busy with just "LIFE" in general that I feel like I've taken a siesta from my blog. Anyhoo, so EXCITED to be joining in on this Show and tell Sunday that is hosted by the SUGARY SWEET Analise.

I've decided to break down my Show and Tell by rooms of my house. The first room where we will take a peek at my lovely goodies will be my dining room.


This cabinet holds some of my beautiful tea sets, and teacups. As well as china plates.


Love this teapot!


A teacup that use to belong to my Grandmother.


This is my FAV teacup and saucer. The roses and colors are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!


I would LOVE to share my silver tea set with you however it is very tarnished and not looking it's prettiest! hee! hee!


Im in LOVE with my everyday china. The soft shabby colors with it's beautiful roses swooped me up from the moment I laid eyes on the pattern This Homer Laughlin set comes from all over.



These are not FINE china, but I wanted to share them with you. These are beautiful pitchers that I display in my cabinets.



In my bedroom I like to display china plates on the mantel.



Displayed on my vanity is my silver and crystal set. I LOOOOVE Lady Primrose.


 My silver mirror and one of the jar lids has my initials engraved on top. It's a gorgeous set!


I have a beautiful display of picture frames in my family room. The frames sit inside a round silver platter along with a VERY tarnished teapot of dried roses. I think it's time I replace them. hee! hee!


In Vivi's room I have some GORGEOUS yummy shabby vintage german plates hanging on her walls.



A darling little wee china plate displayed in her wall shelf.


I sincerely hope I didnt over do it with all the german plate photos. LOL!!! Not sure if this is what Analise had in mind, because it's not tableware china, but OH WELL I had fun sharing with ya!

I recevied TWO HUGE surprises in the mail this week!!! One was a package from Miss Sadie Lou. When I first saw the package I immediately thought to myself "Hmmm. I dont think I bought anything from her". Well, low and behold she knows I have a rather large collection of cherubs in my home. She found this adorable cherub vase at a tag sale and instantly thought of me.


I was FLOORED with her bundle of sweetness and thoughtfulness. Thank you sooo much Sadie Lou! It will fit in PERFECT in my home! :) 

The NEXT big surprise was a "just because" gift from my AWESOME Big Sis Barbie doll Jessi Nagy. I about DIED when I saw this tag!!!! Omigosh! Look! It's us!!!


Jessi I LOOOOOOVE my tag! Soooo reminds me of Ya~Ya Sisterhood! I will find the perfect spot for it sweet friend!!!!

I have some BIG surprises in the works. I've been creating some NEW goodies that I will be unveiling very soon! Im sooo excited!

Thanks SO much for stopping by for my Show and Tell Sunday. Enjoy your Memorial Day!


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