Spring time pretties


Hello sweet friends! Can you believe SPRING is almost here? Right outside my door step the weather was 72 degrees today and the trees are starting to blossom. LOOK and it’s PINK!!! 🙂 Daddy decided it was the perfect weather to take Grant and Vivi for a little wagon pull around the neighborhood. Of course Mommy must take a few pics before the ride begins.


Grant’s chillin’ out eating his goldfish.


Here KITTY KITTY!!!!!!


Let’s feed the ANTS!


My super sweet husband surprised me earlier that morning with "Just Because" roses! This has NOT happened in a LONG time ladies. Not sure what I did to deserve this, but I wont complain. LOL!!!


Now I must share with you some amazingly sweet eye candy. Miss Vivian and I did a little personal swap and from the moment I saw her chickie easter box I just had to have one! Isnt this the cutest????



Omigosh! When I laid eyes on it, it’s just sweeter in person! Thank you Miss Vivian!!!!   

I also just made my FIRST of many purchases from Heather of Pretty Petals. Oh my goodness she always finds the most beautiful vintage lovelies. These hats she created are DIVINE!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ultra feminine girlie hat.


Soooo soft and pretty!!!


Thank you Miss Heather!!! 🙂

My next little show and tell is of my recent purchases at Marshalls. I hope many of you sweet friends have a Marshalls near you. They always carry beautiful home and seasonal holiday decor at fabulous prices. I could NOT pass up this DARLING pink bicycle planter. Even tho’ it’s a platner I have several other ideas for it. I was even thinking of using it in Vivi’s bathroom to put rolled up hand towels in the baskets. 🙂



I also could not RESIST these sweet springy dresses for Miss Vivian. Now that she is a year older I can really start to dress her up. Last year this time we were still in onesies. Now the fun part of dressing up begins!


Many of you participated in mine and Cheryls Vintage Valentines swap. Well, being it was my first ever to host, of course I had to have a major OOPSY! EEEK! I totally forgot to assign someone to my BIG sis Jessi. 🙁 Cheryl and I felt HORRIBLE, but it was truly all my fault and not Cheryl’s. Im the one who picked the partners. Anyhoo, I KNEW I had to make it up to Jessi. So,I put together a basket of Easter goodies to hopefully make up for my mistake. This is just a sneak peek of some of the things I created for her.


This is a fun and whimsy little creation I made for her "Easter Explosian" table.


Wanna ride???


I also made her a girlie bunny ornament.


Sorry again Miss Jessi. I hope this sweet package made up for it!   

I’ve been SPARKLED!!!!


Miss Dolly of My Cherry Heart sparkled me! Oooh thank you sweet friend! I of course must pass this on to a few of my friends that add sparkle in my life and their blogs put a smile on my face. She is one of my dearest friends Miss Cheryl. It’s her Monday Yummies that I just "oooh and aaaah" over, and is full of MAJOR sparkle! Diane of Saturday Finds. I looove your uber sweet pocket posies. I want to own them ALL! You are sooo sweet and nice and you so deserve this award!!!

EEEEK! Sooo cute!


Easter will be here soon. Im a busy busy girl creating away for my shop. I have some mini shadowboxes I will be listing at the end of this week ,along with a few small Easter ornaments. So be sure to check in soon! 🙂  Have a FABULOUS and CREATIVE WEEK!!!!


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