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Happy Father's Day! My husband woke up and had wonderful big hugs and kisses from his children. He opened his gifts and later took the children to IHOP for breakfast. Meanwhile, Im spending my time at the hospital with my Step-Father wishing he was at home alert, healthy and able to smile and enjoy his special day. I've been in a very somber mood with everything going on this week, and on top of that I've been a bit  sad because I lost my Father to cancer several years ago and I wish anything more he was here today so I could tell him I love him. It hurts….it's hard.

 It's been a rather emotional and stressful week for my family and I. My step-father ended up having triple bypass surgery. It was successful, however  he has had some set backs due to some other issues we are just now discovering. Kinda like Pandoras Box. As of today he is still in ICU and being monitored very close for some sad symptoms he is dealing with. We now have a neurologoist seeing him tomorrow and will hopefully be able to perform a CAT scan on him soon.

My family and very dear friends have come from all over to be by my step fathers side during surgery and recovery. We are all trying to stay strong because we are unsure of the further "unknowns" with his health. It's wonderful to have my family all together, however It's sadness me to know that it takes something like major surgery to bring family closer, but I'll take what I can get. I haven't seen some of these family members in years and it makes my heart super happy. 

This afternoon I am spending my time working in my little studio creating fanciful things and listening to old Journey.  The nostalgic songs take me back down memory lane and give me a bit of comfort today.



As of today I can honestly say ART SAVES!!! My children are with their Daddy having a great time shopping at Home Depot right now and I have the whole house today to myself and it give me the time to work quietly in my studio, listen to my music, reflect, and feel some calmness and peace. It's very therapeutic to me.

Thank you SO much for the outpour of support and well wishes! I know MANY of your reading this have been down the same road and have experienced all the same things I am dealing with today. I feel the love from you all, and Im very grateful!!!!

Please continue to keep my family in your prayers!!!!!



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