The 9 Lives Of Lady Duchess ~ A Little Short Story



In early 2009 I wrote a tiny short story.




I sat down at the computer one night and started writing. It was to be sweet, charming, and whimsical.


The very next day I excitedly created an altered art piece of the main character and a pretty little storybook to go along with it.


I've debated for three long years whether I should share it with you or not.

For as my goal is to write a children's storybook based on this prissy highfalutin character.


Fear has kept me back, and the horrid thought of someone stealing my idea as well. 

You know how it is. Once you put it out there…


However, after much thought and debate over the years I've finally said to myself "Why not? Just put it out there Jenn!"


For me it's the stepping stone to putting it out there. Making my dream more of a reality. Committing to the project I have for so long put off.


Without further adieu….


Please let me introduce to you to this fancy feline and her story.
























Lady Duchess and her flute.







This short story was written on a whim. So please pay no attention to misspelled words or wrong pronunciation. hee! hee!

Thank heavens for editors!




I hope you enjoyed the story as short as it may be.

It's a small introduction into the grand life of Lady Duchess.


Will you see more of her you might ask?

Well, I certainly hope so!


Toodles my friends!








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