Vintage Storybook Spring ~ Shop UPDATE!!!

Jennifer Hayslip

Hello Friends!

It’s been ages since I’ve been in my studio to create.

I’ve missed it terribly!

I am loving my photography business! However, I feel the urge all the time to sit and make pretty things.

Spring is such an inspiration and I’m excited to share with you a few of my newest creations.

This has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces!

I created this darling collage centered around the Nancy Ann Storybook Doll.

“Storybook Spring”

Jennifer Hayslip

I had the perfect shabby frame sitting in my basement just waiting to have new life!

I used several of my vintage found treasures to fussy it up!

It’s perfect to hang this time of year!

Bright, cheerful and happy!

Jennifer Hayslip

How sweet is the bluebird greeting card?

I added little button flowers and butterflies!

Jennifer Hayslip

Our Nancy Ann Doll did not come with a name so I’ll just name her “Rose” because of her dress.

Rose is holding a birdcage in hopes of taking home a new feathered friend.

Jennifer Hayslip

Spring is all about bunnies and sweet little chicks.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer HayslipJennifer Hayslip

Must smell good in the Spring!

Jennifer Hayslip

Vintage Millinery and pink ribbon I used from an old doll’s dress.

Jennifer Hayslip

This collage was made with a alot of TLC!!!

In all honestly it’s very very hard to part with.

I love it that much!!! 😉

Jennifer Hayslip

It’s five o’clock somewhere!

Jennifer Hayslip

Ladies and Gent’s….

Care for a glass of pink Champale?

tee! hee!

Jennifer Hayslip

How darling is this glamorous art doll?

I found the pink malt liquor can in CA about a year ago.

All this time I knew I wanted to create something special with it.

So I gussied it up with fabrics, millinery, and bling!


Pinky Girl came to life!

Ready to pour and serve you!

Jennifer Hayslip

She even has a small pink champagne glass.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

Who want’s Tea or Lemonade when you can have Pink Champale!

Cheers Dolls!!!

Jennifer Hayslip

I love making vintage inspired sweater clips.

The glamour doll clips seem to be a hit so I created this one and I’m in the process of making more.

Meet beautiful Betty Blue.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

Betty Blue loves her boudoir.

So I added a delicate piece of trim from a vintage 1950’s bed jacket I owned.

Jennifer Hayslip

She’s a classic beauty with her big blue eyes and red ruby lips!

Jennifer Hayslip

The sweater clip comes on a pearl chain with pale blue rose millinery and rhinestone bling.

Jennifer Hayslip

Lavender is a pretty soft spring color.

This is simple but “eye catching” sweater clip perfect to dress up any cardigan!


Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

These one of a kind handmade creations are available for purchase thru my Etsy Shop.

I want say a special thank you to my online creative friends and followers who are super supportive of my work.

I receive the NICEST comments and emails!

The fact that my whimsical art is enjoyed by others means the world!

I will keep creating as often as I can in between juggling life and my photography.

Creating fuels my soul.

Bringing me much inner happiness and peace.

Thank you for letting me share!

Happy Spring!!!!



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