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Hello sweet friends! WELCOME!  Yes, the hot summer is OFFICIALLY here and you know what goes hand in hand with Summer???? You got it!!!! ICE CREAM!!!!!!

Do you have fond childhood memories of the sweet melodic music the ice cream truck would play while passing thru your neighborhood? I sure do!!! There I was begging Mom & Dad to please let me have some change for ice cream. I was always worried that he would come and go before I had a chance to run out the door with my change in hand. I always made it to truck just in time and short of breath, but happy to look up and see so many yummy different flavors of ice cream to choose from. Would it be an Orange push up, Bottle rocket, Snowcone, Creamsicle, or Nutty Butty?  So many to choose from! 


Ice Cream and summer fun go hand in hand. That's why I want to celebrate by inviting you to my Ice Cream Social. I would love for you to join me and participate by telling me what is your FAVORITE ice cream flavor, topping, cone or no cone? Also, what is you best ice cream childhood memory? Do you love soft serve ice cream from Dairy Queen? Banana splits? Hot fudge sundaes? Have fun and get your children and grandchildren to join in on the fun. Set up a ice cream parlor at your kitchen table with all the sugary fixin's. Do you have vintage ice cream memorabilia, items or decorations you want to share with us?

 Grant, Vivian and I will be hosting a fun ice cream party and we want you to join us!!! We'll be setting up our own little make-shift ice cream parlor. :) Have fun and get creative!!! Take lots of pics!!!



Please feel free to use the blog button and help share and spread the word.  On Monday July 13th please make sure to leave a comment with your blog link, and I will add your name to list for us "softies" to pay you a visit into your sugar-filled ice cream world! 

Let's pray no one get's a BRAIN FREEZE!!!!! tee! hee! 

Hugs & Kisses,


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