A blessed Christmas


Warm Holiday wishes my sweet friends! I pray each and everyone of you had a beautiful magical Christmas with your family and friends. My family and I had a WONDERFUL Christmas day in which I would love to share some of our fun pics of our celebration together, and some yummy gifts and HUGE SURPRISES I received. Many of you might not know, but my husband and I adopted Vivan this year. So this Christmas is even more special to us, because it is Vivian’s very first Christmas, and we feel so blessed to have her a part of our lives and our family.

Christmas Eve morning my hubby was going stir crazzy around the house while I was busy doing last minute cooking and chores. So, he took the kiddies on a wagon ride around the neighborhood. It was chilly so I made sure they were bundled up!




After a few circles around the neighborhood Vivan was pooped and passed out.


Later in the day Grant and I baked cookies for Santa. I planned on making homeade cookies from scratch, but I ran out of time so we just used the store bought sugar cookies with reindeers faces. Quick and easy! 🙂


Look at that face!!!!



Cookies are BAKED! Time to put them on Santa’s plate!


So proud!


Hubby and I wanted to get some Christmas Eve pictures with the children.


You will notice that Vivi has a little "shiner" under her eye. 🙁 She took a bad fall at Grandmas house while playing with Grant’s coloring table.


Vivi & Mommy


Christmas morning. Playing on the coffee table around Mama’s pretties! EEEEEKKKK!!!!


Miss Vivi in her Christmas dress.


Grant and his new car from Santa.


Learning how to drive.


Sister wants to ride too!


Hold on! Were cruisin’!


"Stop the car!" "I have a call comming in on my new cell phone."


While the kiddies made out like bandits. Mommy did too! 🙂 Santa was VERY good to me.

While on a recent trip to NYC Hubby and I stoped at the LV store, and I fell in love with this hangbag. Little did I know he went back to the store later while I was visiting a friend, and he bought it and had it shipped home. What a NICE surprise! Sooo sweet & thoughtful of him!


This GORGEOUS and blingy rhinestone bracelet he purchased from Henri Bendel while I was shopping on a different floor. SNEAKY!!!


I am a HUGE fan and collector of Michal Negrin’s jewelry. Her work has a victorian romantic look and feel to it. Very feminine! Every Christmas my husabnd buys me a new piece for my small collection. This year he bought me a fabulous braclet that has sooo many small and fine details. Lots of Swarovski crystals, pearls, and tiny flowers.


A close-up


Now for my MAAAAAJOR SURPRISE!!!! For a few months now my hubby and I have been trying to negotiate on a home that we so desperately love and want to buy and live in until we retire. It is close to EVERYTHING we could want in a home. It is a southern style home with TONS of space for the kids, my husbands office and his "man room", and FINALLY I could have my own studio. YEAH!!!! Having my own studio is a DREAM of mine! I would much rather give away my material pretties just so I could have my own space to call  "my studio". Well, the seller has NOT been easy to work with. My husband and the seller have been going back and forth negotiating for a few months now, and I’ve basically have given up all hope. My husand refuses to give in to the sellers final offer. So, I just decided it’s time to move on and keep looking for another home. Meanwhile, Im totally pouting because I LOOOVE this house! We talked about building our home, but I just dont want to take on the stress of building while raising two small children. So, I’ve moved on and time has passed, until…..Christmas Eve night. My husband hands me a gift to open. I open the gift, and it’s a picture frame with an artist hand sketch of the house. My mouth was wide opened and I just stared at my husband in disbelief. He tells me "We have a signed contract on the house as of today." I didnt ask questions right away. That comes later! hee! hee! I was just OVER THE TOP thrilled to know that we were going to be owner of this truly amazing home!




Side porch


Front porch. Doesnt this look like the PERFECT spot to sip mint juleps!


The inside is just beyond fabulous and the KITCHEN!!! Ohhh my! I dont  want to jinx anything, so I will just keep my fingers crossed that all will go fine from here on out. 🙂 Now the stress of moving begins. 😉

This Christmas has truly been a blessing to me and my family. Im grateful for my husband,children, close family and friends. I have my health, a nice home, and an amazing network of friends here that I have connected with thru blogging. I cherish my friendships with you all, and Im grateful for the lovely comments you always share with me. 🙂 They always put a smile on my face!


With the holidays almost over, the New Year beginning, I have decided to host my FIRST swap ever! It will be a Valentines Day swap that I have been planning with Miss Cheryl Dack of Rosey Posey Confections for about a month now. (In case you didnt know Cheryl is in the process of moving into a new house, so that’s why she’s been real quiet lately) Im almost finished planning the details, and I cant wait to share them with you ALL! I hope you will participate! 🙂      

Count down to New Years begins! Hubby and I will be spending New Years Eve & Day in New Orleans with some friends of ours. We have tickets to the Sugar Bowl game. GO DAWGS!!!

SOOOOO start stocking up on bubbly baby!!!! CHEERS!


Hugs & Kisses!!!!! XOXO,

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