A Bunny Blog makeover

Hello friends! Welcome to my little blog makeover. I've been on a roll switching out my summer wardrobe and filling my closet with fall & winter clothes. This past weekend I finally stopped procrastinating and went thru my childrens closets and cleaned out and reorganized everything nice and neat. Well, I kinda thought my blog could use it as well. (wink!)

If you didn't already know I am a HUGE bunny lover! These precious cuties inspired me to set up a sweet vignette and use them for my new look.  


The bunnies seen in these photos were recent great finds at the Long Beach Flea Market. My sweet friend Amy Powers was with me when were were strolling along looking at all the goodies and we stumbled upon a vendor that had the most amazing collection of vintage toys and stuffed bunnies.  I fell in love with their worn body and faces. 

How sweet is her purple lids, long eyelashes, and pink heart shaped lips! The lady that sold me the bunny  said that she is a Madame Alexander stuffed bunny. Apparently they were very rare and made for a very short time. The bunny has no tags, but if anyone knows this to be true please let me know. Im very curious!


EEEK!!!!! Is this chalkware bunny not the cutest thing???? She sits sweetly on my bedroom dresser now. 

 I hope you like my "new look".  🙂 I like to compare it to a new haircut and style. Eventually I will get tired of it, and change it all over again. hee! hee! 

I would like to give my daughter Vivi a BIG CONGRATS!!!!  Her nursery is seen in the pages of the new Country Victorian magazine.  Look how proud and happy she looks. 




When I took these photos I couldn't resist taking a few candid snapshots that to my wonderful surprise turned out so beautiful!!!!!   


 OK! OK! Enough boasting about my kids! hee! hee! I dont want you to BARF on your computer screen. LOL!!!

If you have your speakers turned up and can hear this song playing. How FUN is it??? I've never heard this song until I saw this movie.

Hubby was out of town this weekend, so for entertainment I took the kiddies to see this movie. GO SEE IT!!!! It's soooo cute!!!! 

I appreciate you stopping by for a visit! I wish you all a wonderful, happy & creative week! Oooh and a healthy week as well. 😉 Flu is going around! Hubby's got it! ICK!




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