Hello…. my name is Jennifer…..and I am addicted to COLLECTING!


Welcome sweet friends! I have a MAJOR confession! I am an addict!!!! My addiction is collecting. I collect all SORTS of things!!! Vintage jewelry, figurines of all sorts, hats, dresses, china, anything that OVER THE TOP CUTESY! Take for instance this darling beaded poodle dog. Have you ever seen anything like it before? I haven't. It instantly became an "aawwwww that's soo cute I must have!!!" My obsession is starting to overtake my house. I have NO room for all these pretty and fun objects. The figurines especially. I dont mind "some" clutter, but Im now noticing things are taking over. LOL!!!!

Here are a few fun "eye candy" pieces of things that I've added to my collection recently.

I am a huge fan of Debrina Pratt's work. Soooo fun and whimsical. I adore her pieces. 

DSCN4290_edited-1 DSCN4284_edited-1  How stinking CUTE is this vintage baby planter??? Must have! I will perhaps try and use this piece for a future creation. Even my wonderful friends support my habit. 😉 Miss Natasha pointed this one out to me. "Look Jenn…this is SO YOU!!!!" LOL!!!!


"Hook and Bait!!!" I bought it!!! 😉

I know MOST all of us looooove gorgeous vintage bling. I KNOW Im not the only collector when it comes to vintage jewelry. I just added this piece to my collection. Gorgeous! Im thinking this is a MUST wear at SILVER BELLA!!!  

 DSCN4305_edited-1  Sometime in the near future I will have to start parting with some of my overgrowing collection, and only save my most favorite and special pieces. I'll make sure a little biride will tell ya when Im ready to sell and "declutter". 😉

I have a few photos I would like to share of some wonderful projects that I've been working on for Sweet Six Studio Online art retreat. I am amazed at the amount of talent that is within my group. I have enjoyed these ladies so much and it's been a BLAST doing this together. It's strengthen our friendships and Im *delighted* and overjoyed to actually meet all these lovely ladies in just over a months time at Silver Bella. 

This little ole birdcage is a decorative project I created for Sweet Six Studio. 


 DSCN4343_edited-2   DSCN4356_edited-2  

DSCN4377 This inspiration birdcage will hang above my workshop table in my studio.

Today, I am teaching how to create beautiful and easy to make decorative candle jars. So sweet and pretty! I love the soft glow thru the lace!



Thanks for stopping by my friends! I can NEVER thank you enough for ALL your lovely and supportive comments. I smile everytime I read a new comment. I cherish and appreciate each and everyone of you!

Have a HAPPY first week of FALL!!!!!! XOXO,    

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