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Hello lovely friends! I've been taking a bit of a post holiday/post photo shoot R&R vacation. Hubby and I have some dear friends that invited us to their home in Beaver Creek, CO. We had a wonderful and relaxing time during our stay. The snow and mountains was just breathtaking! Im not much of a skiier so I played it very cautious while on the slopes. Im honestly more about hitting the hot tub and fine dining afterwards! 

Living in the South we never ever see snow, so I went crazzy snapping pics of the breathtaking scenery. These are some GORGEOUS shots I took from their balcony.



The ski lift.




Beaver Creek Village and ice skating rink.


These are some fun shots taken at dinner of hubby and I with our group of friends.



DSCN7332  Of course our last day in Beaver Creek was the most beautiful sunny day of the the whole trip. Hubby and I took one last pic standing out on the balcony with the beautiful background.


It was a much needed trip after all the hustle and bustle of preparing for the magazine shoot. The shoot went FABULOUS and Fifi and her team were AWESOME!!!! I could use 100 adjectives to describe Fifi. She is not only a petite doll she is a HOOT! She has an incredible sense of humor and kept me in laughs the whole time. Look how darling she is!!!!


A few cute shots of she and I.


I look soooo SILLY!DSCN7259_edited-1

DSCN7256_edited-1  It was such an incredible experience and I cant wait to see it when it hit's the newstands. Fifi is thinking it will be in THIS summer's issue! I'll keep ya posted! Thanks so much for your lovely comments and well wishes!!!!

Well, I've got a hectic week of catching up on laundry, planning BOTH my childrens birthday parties, an upcomming trip to Disney, and hopefully some creative time. Im DREAMING of spring and Easter already!!! I will also being having a small shop update next week on some super whimsical darling new items.

Have a lovely and creative week!!!!


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